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The Liberty Bell and Friends

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

As some of you know, this past weekend we took a trip to New York for our niece’s wedding. Because it was so much cheaper, we flew into Philadelphia. And because we were in Philadelphia, we took our kids to see the Liberty Bell – which Gabbie and Zachary both learned about in school earlier this year! They may have been just as excited to see the bell as they were to go to the wedding!

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We also checked out the Mint, which the kids also found pretty interesting!

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From there it was on to our old stomping grounds in Highland Park, NJ, where we got some pizza, saw some old friends, and showed the kids around our alma mater – Rutgers University. Then we headed on our way to stay overnight with our best friends from college. We all had a great time in those places as well!

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It was great getting a chance to see some of the area where we used to live and to spend time with some of our old friends!