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Scandal Sunday #19–Mama Said Knock You Out

Sunday, March 30, 2014


Scandal Episode 315 broke my heart. It was literally hurting as I watched. I couldn’t sleep afterwards. I am FAR TOO INVESTED in this show!!!

[SPOILERS!] This episode got to the heart of the matter when it comes to Fitz and Mellie’s marriage. The kids had a big part in the unraveling, as their daughter Karen caught Mellie and Andrew together – they were being very reckless as this was the 2nd time in the episode they were together in her house with the kids there! Karen then spilled to her father that Mellie was with Andrew, which lead Fitz to punch Andrew in the face. Fitz and Andrew go way back, as do Mellie and Andrew, but as of now, we are to believe that Mellie did not sleep with Andrew until only very recently. However, Fitz now believes that the reason Mellie shut him out after she was raped (which he still does not know about) was because she was actually with Andrew then too. Fitz turned on Mellie, telling her that she killed their marriage and left him alone, leading to his affair with Olivia.

Something I mentioned last week was that I think if Mellie had turned to Fitz after her rape, he would have been there for her and they would be happily married today. But she didn’t and instead she told him that having a child turned her off to sex. Still, he wasn’t a serial adulterer. He was married and yet emotionally alone for at least 10 years until he met Olivia and proceeded to fall in love with her. And by the way, he loved her before he ever slept with her. Now, he’s angry and hurt and when Olivia interrupted his fight with Mellie because of their impending television appearance, he turned on Olivia too.


If he keeps treating her like that he’s going to be completely alone soon. Olivia tried to leave, but came back to make sure the television interview went on, telling Fitz she was there because it’s her job and her job is all she has left. And the same goes for him, it seems. There was also a very sad scene where Cyrus basically accuses Fitz of being at fault for James’s death, saying Jake had to kill James to protect the republic. So everyone continues to blame Fitz for everything. Are we meant to hate him, do you think?

Now let’s think about how Fitz can run for president with Andrew as his V.P. How would America look at a president who had an affair, but not only that, his wife is sleeping with the V.P.? Doesn’t sound good. So will Fitz use this as a reason to go back to that divorce plan he mentioned last season? Is it possible to have a president without a wife? Well, is it possible for a woman to be president? How about a gay man?

There are only three episodes left this season. Now, please tell me what I’m going to obsess about when this season is over?