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Sunday, March 9, 2014

Scandal Sunday #16–Host A Scandal Watch Party


I regret to inform you that there will be no Scandal recap this week. I will have to combine my thoughts of this week’s episode with my thoughts on next week’s episode, because due to traveling I was unable to watch on time! I hate getting behind like that, but trust me, I will catch up! (Please don’t leave spoilers in the comments, just in case!)

Today I wanted to share a few ideas for hosting a Scandal watch party – that is if you have friends who watch the show too! Before you invite anyone though, make sure they will remain quiet so that you can catch everything that happens! Here are some ideas I found via pinterest:

Print these out and use them to decorate and label, as seen done in the next image.

Scandal dessert table using above printables.

Snack ides – I love Gladiators in Suits and Olive-ia Dip!

More snack ideas include Fitz Kat Bars and Cyrus Beans – haha!

Of course, you’ve gotta include the red wine and popcorn and could probably get away with just those items – Olivia survived on that for most of Season 2, afterall!


Janine Huldie said...

Hope you are enjoying your trip and also loved the Scandal Party ideas here, today!! :)

tamarsb said...

How creative is this! Did you see SNL did a skit based on Scandal? It was very funny.

Dara said...


Dara said...

I heard about it but didn't see it yet!