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It’s Okay #18

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

It’s okay…

…that I got in an argument on instagram with a blogger who is much more popular than myself. She said she’s a newly graduated nurse and therefore knows more than I do about a situation that I personally went through. I am not sorry that I believe she is wrong.

…that a fan fiction by a very well-written 17 year old made me cry. Even after I finished reading it, I kept thinking about it and wanting to cry again!

…that I sold a pretty good amount of clothes on the first day of the consignment sale, but not so many on the subsequent days. (Out of 64 items I sold 45).

…that I find it hard to read blogs that are written all in italics.

…that I was late for Zachary’s first OT appointment. I was early for the second, so there!

…that my newest LE TOTE box took awhile to get here – they gave me a $20 credit to make up for it!

…that I just realized not only is Tris in Divergent also Hazel in The Fault In Our Stars, Caleb in Divergent is also Augustus in The Fault In Our Stars! Don’t we have any other available young actors for these movies?

…to try to live without regret, to wonder if things will ever change, and to hope for a better future.