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What I’ve Been Reading #42 and Literary Junkies Link Up

Friday, February 21, 2014

This week, I finished reading Shanghai Girls by Lisa See. I had heard good things about her books in the past, but never read anything by her. I tend to stay away from most historical fiction novels, but when well-written, I appreciate learning through books about events of the past that I might never learn of otherwise. “In 1937 Shanghai—the Paris of Asia—twenty-one-year-old Pearl Chin and her younger sister, May, are having the time of their lives. Both are beautiful, modern, and carefree—until the day their father tells them that he has gambled away their wealth. To repay his debts, he must sell the girls as wives to suitors who have traveled from Los Angeles to find Chinese brides. As Japanese bombs fall on their beloved city, Pearl and May set out on the journey of a lifetime, from the Chinese countryside to the shores of America. Though inseparable best friends, the sisters also harbor petty jealousies and rivalries. Along the way they make terrible sacrifices, face impossible choices, and confront a devastating, life-changing secret, but through it all the two heroines of this astounding new novel hold fast to who they are—Shanghai girls.” The beginning of the story takes place in China, but the main portion of the book occurs in America. There is much to learn about the racism that took place in America at the time of this book. The difficulties that the characters faced throughout the story were interesting and worth reading. The book has an open ending, and I have just now discovered that the author in fact wrote a sequel.

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1. What are you reading right now? Tell us about it!

I just started reading The Year of Fog by Michelle Richmond.
2. What books are on your bedside table at the moment?
These are all books I’ve already read and have not put away yet! Besides The Year of Fog, which I’m reading now.
3. Amazon recently released the 100 books to read in a lifetime.  What did they miss that you would add?
There are plenty of good books on the list, as well as many I haven’t personally read! I would have to add my favorite book, The Time Traveler’s Wife.
4. Are there any books being published in 2014 that you are anxiously awaiting?  If so, what are they?
I checked, and Jodi Picoult has a new book coming out in the fall. So I’ll be looking forward to that!
5. Name the next 3 books in your To Be Read List (the ones you will be reading next on your list.)
It all depends on whether books I’m waiting for come in at the library, if I’m asked to review any books, and which book I pick next out of my box of books! I do know I’ll soon be reading The Accident by Chris Pavone, but I haven’t received it yet!

Has anyone else read anything good lately?