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What My Kids Are Reading #2–Bonkers and Friends

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

“Imagine being diagnosed with a fatal disease and living in-and-out of hospitals for six years. You are stressed and scared and your spirits are understandably down. How does one get through such a hard time? Paul Langley chose to write a series of picture books, and vowed to get them published if he was to beat the odds. The product is the Bonkers and Friends series. It is a series of stories starring the Tompkins family and their mischievous feline Bonkers, with
illustrations by Henryk Jackimczyk. The three books are aimed at children aged seven years old and up, and will have both kids and their parents giggling throughout. Langley is truly an inspiration to all and his attitude and positive spirit are remarkable.”

With this description of a writer who used his down time to create a loveable series for children, I was happy to agree to review these books! It is very true that the books are funny – I began reading the first book aloud and my kids were laughing along right away. The books are a lot of fun with memorable characters – who ever heard of a cat who wears glasses? That right there makes these books worth reading!

“The 1st story of a series of three, the laugh out loud Boomerang book, tells the story of the Tompkins family and their cat Bonkers. Bonkers had an unfortunate accident, which left one of his eyes pointing north and the other one pointing south! The story follows the family and Bonkers through their crazy escapades involving a herd of Muntjac Deer and one particularly mischievous deer called Boomerang. The antics of the characters throughout the book will have children and adults giggling alike from start to finish.”


“The second in the series...The Tompkins family intended to take a holiday aboard a cruise ship bound for the Caribbean, stopping on the first leg in New York. Unfortunately cats are not allowed on board a ship, so poor old Bonkers would have to spend the next three weeks at dear old Mrs. McDonald’s farm, with his two brothers Billy and Scruff and his sister Ginger. Bonkers was born there three years earlier. How could they possibly think about going on holiday and leaving me behind? Hmmm we will have to see about that thought Bonkers to himself.” [Download this book for free right now!]


“Last in the series...Neither Bonkers nor Whiteback had ever seen a circus before. They couldn’t wait to get involved. They were taken there by Boomerang, Willbe and the rest of the herd. None of them could possibly have guessed what would happen next.”


You can view a bit of each of these three books and purchase them online here!

I received these books in exchange for my review. I did not receive any other form of compensation.