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Friday, January 31, 2014

January In Review

January came and went at our house, with only one full week of school – the conclusion of winter break, our cruise vacation, and Martin Luther King Day all broke up our weeks. Here are some of the highlights of our month:

Family Activities:

  • Winter break concluded with hang out time at a gymnastics place and a pool, but Simon got sick and that was not fun at all.
  • We were all healthy and were able to go on our cruise!
  • Then I got sick on Martin Luther King Day. Luckily it didn’t last long!
  • We were able to see my parents while we were in Florida, before we left for the cruise itself.

DSCN7294  DSCN7299

  • Zachary had his Cub Scouts Pinewood Derby.



We have some exciting events coming up in February including Gabbie’s first dance team performance and Zachary’s Chag Siddur (when he receives his first prayer book) so I look forward to sharing with you all!


Janine Huldie said...

Again, yay to January being over and looking forward to February and Gabbie's first dance now, too :)

Tracie S said...

and we met in real life in January! I can't wait to see how awesome Feb is for you guys!

tamarsb said...

Busy month! Have a great weekend!

Dara said...

hope Feb. has great weather! :)

Dara said...

yeah! I realized we didn't take pics!

Dara said...

you too!

Holly Higgins said...

Oh the Pinewood Derby! My cousins used to do this and I would always go to their races. I always thought I was such a cool older cousin LOL