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It’s Okay #13

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Nugget On A Budget

It’s okay…

…that I watched all of Homeland and when it ended I wasn’t sure I’d be watching next season.

…that I didn’t bring my camera along on our winter break adventures last week. But there will be a post from Gabbie about her trip to St. Louis coming soon!

…that I think it’s cool that I can look at my kids’ report cards online.

…that I’m planning to paint my nails special for the cruise – I’m thinking something like this:


…but I doubt I could pull off the accent nail so I’d just paint it purple.

…that I’m super excited that I won a Kindle Fire, but I’m a little nervous since I have no idea how to work it!

…that I love my light grey sweatshirt from Old Navy so much that I bought the same one in dark grey.

…that my full inbox annoys me.

…that I was sleeping before midnight on New Year’s Eve!