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Cruise Wear Ideas

Monday, January 6, 2014

There is nothing I hate more than packing. Except maybe unpacking. Of course, being the mom means I have to pack and unpack for everyone including the dog (but luckily not including the husband). One good thing about traveling to a warm place when it’s cold here is that I can start when I feel like starting because I’m not wearing my warmer weather clothing right now! I love these cruise outfit and packing ideas that I found on pinterest – sources are noted under each picture.






Another good thing about traveling in the winter to a warmer place is that summer clothing has been on clearance for a bit! Here are some of the things I am planning to bring.

DSCN7267  DSCN7266DSCN7268  DSCN7269
The grey Mickey shirt, sunglasses, and sandals were all on big sales. The tote bag was on sale at Land’s End and even though it’s actually navy and not black, I thought it would be perfect! The white and coral shirts were also on sale at Target. The white Mickey Mouse shirt was on sale at Old Navy, and I actually bought it long before I knew about the cruise!

For Pirate Night, I thought I’d dress as Mr. Smee, using this shirt:

Something like this??