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School Projects–Thanksgiving and Hanukkah

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Zachary and Simon brought home the rest of their school projects last week and even though Thanksgiving and Hanukkah are over, I still had to share!

On this paper, Zachary had to write (in Hebrew) why he says thank you. He said:
1. Because I have a mom. (Awww.)
2. Because I have a house.
3. Because I have a mouth. (This makes me laugh!)

Zachary also made this turkey menorah picture. The Hebrew says “happy holiday.”

Simon brought home this as a Hanukkah present. Funny, since he also made the same thing for Mother’s Day. Oh well, it’s still cute.

Also, here are some pictures from school that I haven’t shared yet!


My in-laws were in town for Grandparents’ Day and they ended up eating lunch not just with Gabbie and Zachary, but with many of their close friends too!

Stay tuned for some of Gabbie’s schoolwork in the next few weeks!