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Hanukkah–Third and Fourth Night

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Friday night was the 3rd night of Hanukkah and last night was the 4th night.


On Friday night, the kids got books.

Woody and Buzz (I mean Zachary and Simon) were happy with their books! Zachary got most of the National Geographic books I reviewed here. Simon got The First Big Book of Why (from National Geographic) and Brady Needs a Nightlight, which I will be reviewing soon. We all had a great time reading some of the National Geographic books – they really are entertaining.

DSCN7030  DSCN7031

Gabbie’s books were from the library book sale, plus All-of-a-Kind Family, which I ordered for her. Here are the books she got:


She has started reading The First Four Years and Doodle Studio!

Our outdoor menorah – photo from the back and after one candle burnt out!

Last night, the kids got games from their uncle and aunt.

Zachary was very excited he got Rush Hour Jr. Gabbie was confused because she didn’t remember that she’d played Mastermind before, but she was happy after she played it – and she played it with Zachary too! Simon got Spot It Jr. and he was just a little upset about it. He really wanted Zachary’s game since it has cars.

He did enjoy looking at the animals on his game and I’m sure he’ll like it better when he is in a better mood!

Tonight, all 3 kids should be happy with their presents! And like I said on Friday, I love to make them happy!