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November Goals

Sunday, November 3, 2013

It’s time for my monthly goal sharing post! First, a look back at last month:


  1. Get through the next few weeks without getting totally overwhelmed.

  2. Keep working on June Project Life Pages.

  3. Complete the 31 Days Series I began on Oct. 1.

  4. Go to the pumpkin patch.

  5. Start decluttering drawers, bathroom, books, etc.

  6. Complete and blog #7 on my list.

  7. Complete and blog #11 on my list.

  8. Complete and blog #27 on my list.

  9. Complete and blog #33 on my list.

  10. Complete and blog #35 on my list.


  1. Done.
  2. Not done. I didn’t work on Project Life at all this month! Now I’m really behind!
  3. Done.
  4. Done.
  5. Hmm. I did the bathroom and got rid of a few toys.
  6. Haven’t blogged about this yet.
  7. Done.
  8. Done.
  9. Not blogged yet.
  10. Not done. Nothing exciting is planned for my birthday!


  1. Finish shopping for Hanukkah.
  2. Enjoy my birthday.
  3. Finish knitting the sweater I’m working on.
  4. Catch up with all the blogging I haven’t gotten to yet.
  5. Be happy.

Alright, so I usually make 10 goals a month, but I’m just not motivated at the moment! So for now there are only 5. And they aren’t really even real goals! Does anyone else have goals this month that may inspire me?