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National Geographic Books Review

Thursday, November 21, 2013


Remember that time I was saying how much my kids love getting to review products for my blog? Oh yeah, that was just yesterday! I actually have yet another review today, but this time the kids haven’t seen the product yet. Why not? Well, they’re getting some of these books for Hanukkah thanks to Moms Meet!


“National Geographic is one of the world’s premier scientific, education, and research organizations. For more than 125 years, the National Geographic team has been dedicated to exploring and documenting the world. Their message
reaches more than 450 million people worldwide, each month through several media outlets. The company has funded more than 10,000 conservation, exploration, and scientific expeditions in support of their mission ‘to inspire people to care about the planet.’ As part of this mission, National Geographic also offers nonfiction books for both adults and kids to help educate and inspire. National Geographic is the leading kids nonfiction publisher, and each of their books is packed with photos, facts, and fun, offering the perfect balance of ‘edu-tainment’ for kids and parents. If you’re looking to get your kids excited about learning, National Geographic books are a great place to start.”

These are some beautiful books! I am really excited about them and spent some time flipping through them myself. Here are some of the books:

National Geographic Kids Just Joking 4
“This book in this successful series delivers 300 new laugh-out-loud knock-knocks, question-and-answer jokes, tongue twisters, and more! National Geographic Kids Just Joking 4 is packed with 300 more of the silly jokes that kids love, paired with photos of laughing animals and funny people. This hilarious party-starter is perfect for tossing into a backpack to share with friends at school or camp.” Ages 7-10.

National Geographic Kids Everything Pets
“Let the fur fly with tons of photos and facts about our animal friends. Did you know that a cat’s top speed is about 31 miles per hour or that a dog can make about 100 different facial expressions? Find out everything you ever wanted to know about our beloved pets--whether scaly, slithery, four-legged, or feathered--in National Geographic Kids Everything Pets.” Ages 8-12.

National Geographic Reader: Meerkats
“Beginning readers with a focus on our world are a natural offering from National Geographic. This high-interest, educationally vetted series combines magnificent color images with text written by experienced children’s book authors. Welcome to the wacky world of meerkats, where groups of these furry friends team up to survive in the wild.” Ages 6-9.

NG Kids Ultimate Weird But True 2
“Ultimate Weird But True 2 has a fun cover with lots of sparkle, is packed with cool photos, and features the same dynamic design that made the first book such a hit. Content is all-new, with new chapter titles and even more too-strange-to-believe stories, such as: the world's most expensive hamburger, which breaks the bank at $295; the world's largest chocolate sculpture; duck fashion models; and many more oddities.” Ages 8-12.

National Geographic Kids Funny Fill-in: My Animal Adventure
“You’ve just been selected to travel the world photographing wildlife. What happens next is up to YOU! Filled with excitement and hilarity, this compositional challenge lets you tell your very own story starring...YOU! Combining photography from National Geographic Kids and illustrations in colorful laugh-out-loud pages, this engaging, entertaining, and educational book introduces you to animals from around the globe, and invites you to enter their world imaginatively by combining your story with theirs.” Ages 8-12.

National Geographic Little Kids First Big Book of Why
“Using an interactive question-and-answer format and content grounded in a child’s immediate world, Big Book of Why delivers lively information, hands-on games, simple recipes, crafts, and more. What makes a car go? How does mushy dough become a crispy cookie? What does the doctor see in my throat? An essential parent reference, Big Book of Why invites children to ask big questions, think big thoughts, and get answers that are accurate, engaging, level-appropriate, and based on sound educational findings. It helps prepare preschoolers for school in an interactive way. Highly photographic and playful, this big book is an adventure in exploration.” Ages 4-8.

National Geographic Kids Almanac 2014
“The world’s best-selling Almanac for kids is packed with amazing animals, cool inventions, dinosaurs, robots, maps, games, activities, and more all in one volume. This book excites young people about their world and everything in it! The 2014 Almanac features fun information, browsable features, and helpful reference on subjects including technology, countries, presidents, animals, weather, funny roadside attractions, outer space, green tips, and natural disasters, just for starters.” Ages 8-12.

Mother’s Love
“The worldwide leader in animal photography, National Geographic brings us Mother’s Love: Inspiring True Stories From the Animal Kingdom, a collection of the most moving and intimate portraits of animal mothers and their babies. Each photograph shows animal moms as they nurture, play, teach, and protect their young. Sprinkled throughout are inspirational quotes and unbelievable true stories of maternal heroism. Page after page will touch your heart and remind us all of the valuable roles that mothers play--both in the wild and at home. A perfect gift, Mother’s Love is a great way to celebrate Mother's Day, a new arrival, or any day to show your mom how much you care.” Ages 10-Adult.

“In this heartwarming gift book, author Rebecca Ascher-Walsh presents a collection of inspiring dog stories and touching photos--dogs who comfort veterans, dogs who learn to surf, dogs who detect cancer, and dogs who save the day: Each one is devoted. These 38 uplifting dog stories showcase the most amazing dog rescues, accomplishments, and abilities that fascinate us and touch our hearts.” Ages 10-Adult.

As you can see, these books are great for a variety of ages, up to and including adults! I am pretty sure Gabbie is going to love the Funny Fill-In book and the almanac, Zachary will be very interested in Ultimate Weird But True and Just Joking, and Simon will love The Little Kids First Big Book of Why!

These books are currently on sale for 30% off at You can find National Geographic on
Facebook and follow them on Twitter.

I received this product for free from the sponsor of the Moms Meet program, May Media Group LLC, who received it directly from the manufacturer. As a Moms Meet blogger, I agreed to use this product and post my opinion on my blog. My opinions do not necessarily reflect the opinions of May Media Group LLC. or the manufacturer of the product.