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Family Beginnings #31Days

Friday, October 4, 2013

Over the past few days, I have encouraged you to look at your family’s roots and today we will continue along those lines with concentrating on how your family began. To become a family, you need more than one person. So how did your family form? In other words, how did your parents meet each other? Or, if you know or can find out, how did your grandparents meet each other? And how did you meet your spouse, if you are married? (If you have already written your love story on your blog, don’t forget to save it for your children!)

I met Dave in an airport. Really! We were not there randomly though – we were on our way to Israel on a trip with a group from our school during winter break of our freshman year of college. And when Dave met me, he thought I was absolutely crazy. I guess I was! I thought he was quiet and shy. Which he was. And I guess sometimes crazy and shy just work! Although it wasn’t really that simple. We did become friends on that Israel trip, but we did not become a couple until 10 months later. And it wasn’t long after that when we knew it would be forever.

I know my parents met each other on a blind date – they were introduced by mutual friends. I don’t know how my grandparents met each other – but I would love to find out! Feel free to tell me about how your family began in the comments or by leaving a link to your post!

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