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Thursday, October 17, 2013

5 Ways I Save On Kids’ Clothes

I’ve been dressing my kids for 8.5 years now (plus a few weeks if you want to be exact) and I think I’ve gained some good ways to save on their clothes. I acknowledge that these ideas are not completely unique, but I know any insight on this topic is usually welcome!


Buy What You Need. I must admit this isn’t so easy for me! There are certain clothes items I can’t resist and over time I realized I was buying too many dresses for Gabbie, collared polo shirts (non-school colored) for the boys, and basically too many nice outfits that they only really wear once per week outside of the fall and spring holidays. Now I try very hard to stick to just a few nice outfits each. Also, my older kids wear uniforms to school. So they only really nice play clothes for Sundays (Saturday they wear their nice outfits!) and breaks. So Zachary doesn’t need 10+ long sleeved shirts! What he does need is uniform pants, which he tends to rip holes in quite quickly. Which brings me to my next point.

Have Price Points. Like I said, Zachary tears holes in the knees of his school pants. So I really don’t want to spend more than $10 for a pair of pants I’m going to have to replace anyway. (Land’s End pants are guaranteed and they will replace them for wear and tear, but I haven’t taken the plunge into putting in a lot of money up front for their pants!) I normally don’t like to spend more than $10 for any one piece of clothing, besides maybe a dress, which takes the place of a top and a bottom. Of course, this price point also depends on where I’m shopping. Read on.

Consignment Sales. When I was pregnant with Zachary, I was visiting a friend in Florida who was big into consignment shops and brought me to her favorites. I went a little overboard buying a ton of adorable baby clothes for him. After that, I was introduced to consignment sales – where tons of sellers get together and sell kids’ clothes at greatly reduced prices. Here in the Kansas City area, there are multiple large consignment sales that take place each season. I remember the first time I went to one, I just grabbed up all the Gymboree clothes I could find in my kids’ sizes and bought them all. Going back to point number one – they ended up with more than they needed. Now, I try to go to consignment sales with a very clear idea of what I need, as well as how much I want to spend. For example, Zachary needs uniform pants, like I said above. I prefer to spend less than $5 on a gently used pair of pants, and if it’s a brand like Circo from Target, I prefer to spend even less. Since the sellers price their own clothes for sale, there is a wide range of prices on the items. At the last sale I went to, there were many adorable Janie and Jack outfits for sale, priced between $28 and $36 dollars. Since I most likely wouldn’t spend that much on clothes new, I definitely wouldn’t spend that much on them gently used. At the same sale, I was able to find a few pairs of play pants for Simon at $2-3 each. That is definitely worth it to me, if they are in good condition. I also sell in consignment sales now, which makes me feel better about spending at them! (Others have good luck at yard sales, thrift shops, and online sales like the new popular thing – instagram shops – and I would address these the same way. Buy what you need at a price you like if the clothes are in good condition).

Gymboree Sales. There was a point that I would only dress my kids in clothes from Gymboree, most of which I bought at consignment sales or online in Gymboree groups. I’ve started to branch out a little more, allowing in brands which I know fit them and that I like well enough. However, I still love Gymboree and will buy their clothes whenever I can. However, I will never spend full price on their clothes. Last week was the yearly $16.99 sale at Gymboree, and I was able to buy Gabbie a dress that regularly costs $44.95 (and even now is marked $31.47). With a 20% off coupon and the $16.99 sale, the dress was what I’d consider a good price. However, I would not spend $16.99 on pants for Zachary or Simon, even with a coupon! I did recently bought Simon a pack of underwear at Gymboree. I asked the associate for a pack that was on sale, and used a coupon. You can find coupons in Family Fun and Parenting / Parents magazines.


End of Season Sales. Speaking of Gymboree, at the same time that I got the above dress, they were selling their summer clothes for $3.99. So I got Simon 3 pairs of shorts for next summer. I am not always great about buying ahead a season, but this time I thought it was worth it! I also tend to buy Gabbie’s dresses at a slightly bigger size than she might need now, in order that they fit for more than one season.

Ok, now that I’ve shared my 5 tips for saving money on kids’ clothes, give me your tips in the comments! And read on to meet my blog friend Holly!

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Holly and I met each other through a Cara Box exchange. We soon realized that we are very like-minded when it comes to parenting and babies and will email each other often with thoughts, rants, and to ask for advice. She has two adorable kids, loves to travel, and shares lots of recipes that even I can manage!

This month I asked my sponsors 3 travel related questions. Holly says:

If you could travel anywhere, where would you go? This is a very difficult question for me to answer because there are so many places I would like to go! So, I will just say my top five: Buenos Aires, Turkey, Cyprus, Bermuda and Antarctica.

Where have you previously traveled that you loved and would return to? London and Rome. London is my absolute favorite city in the world and I would love to live there.

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Janine Huldie said...

I love the end of the season sales and admit I shop a ton at The Children's Place and Gymboree now, too during those sales. You are right though, it is so easy to buy things we don't need, because they are pretty and would look all nice dressed up in these clothes. Have done this and am now trying not to. Great tips and thank you Dara for sharing :)

Dara said...

thanks, glad you liked them!

Rachel G said...

My Mom always bought us clothes that were too big so that we could wear them for longer! Which stopped working when I was 12 and she bought me pants that to this day wouldn't stay up without a belt because I stopped growing!

Dara said...

ah yes, when they are that big I'll have to get them clothes they can keep till they're adults. lol.

Holly Higgins said...

We go to the consignment sales here every year, but usually only buy toys. Maybe I'm too picky, but I'm not going to spend what the sellers are asking for clothes that I feel are more than gently used. I LOVE Crazy 8 and I always shop their sales. I got C a super cute jean jacket that was originally $27 for about $10 when I combined the sale price and a coupon. I shop the clearance at Kohl's a lot when I get a 30% off coupon too. We also go to the outlets near my mom's house during the Memorial Day and Labor Day sales and come out with some great deals from Carter's and Oshkosh. I definitely have a clothes shopping addiction...and it's not for me! :-)

Amber said...

I was going to mention Gymboree but I see you have ;) I love that store. When people say it's overpriced I launch into the sales speech. Crazy 8 also has decent sales. I bought shorts and such for my son for like 6 bucks.

Leslie said...

All great tips. I shop at target a lot tok as I can get affordable pieces that are cute to fill in V's wardrobe. I'm completely addicted to instagram shops.

Dara said...

glad you liked them!

Kera @ Nugget On A Budget said...

I love finding ANY ways to save money these days, especially now with having two kids to buy for. And saving money on their clothes is a big deal to me. I never buy anything at full price! You hit some great points here with the consignment store shopping and sales at good kids stores like Gymboree. I've found stuff super cheap there when they do have their sales. I also like your tip on only buying what you need. I definitely tend to buy things that the girls really don't need or won't wear very often. I'm pinning this post, thanks Dara!

Oh ~ and of course you know by now that Instagram shopping for kids clothes is another way that I try to save. Lol!

Dara said...

glad you liked the post!

Kimberley Tobin said...

I have been really lucky scoring deals at Old Navy! Every so often they'll do a "50% off Clearance Prices" sale and I stock up! I've got a bin of onesies that Ben hasn't grown into yet that were 50% off $1.99. How could I NOT buy them?!

Dara said...

that's how I buy my clothes! I haven't found too much for the kids lately, but I love Old Navy for me.

Jhennifer Hudson said...

Thank you for those tips, they are surely helpful!

Dara said...

you're welcome!

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