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$1000 Cash Giveaway!

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Today I’m sharing an awesome giveaway from Raising Regan that I am co-hosting! Please enter – I’d love for one of my friends to win!

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Raising Reagan | Win $1000 in the Christmas Cash Giveaway Event

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Raising Reagan | Win $1000 in the Christmas Cash Giveaway Event

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And let's not forget to thank the other blogs and shops that have sponsored this giveaway! Please be sure and stop by and thank them for such a phenomenal giveaway.

Raising Reagan | Win $1000 CASH in the Christmas Cash Giveaway Event

Our amazing participants:

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Now you know the players! Are you ready to win some CASH? It's the kickoff of Holiday Season and we are celebrating with a

$1000 Giveaway!

Please read the official rules of all sweepstakes and contests held at Raising Reagan.
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The End #31Days

Today is the conclusion of this 31 Days Series. I can hardly believe it! I hope that you have enjoyed my ideas for getting down your family’s story, be it on your blog, in a journal, or otherwise. I was thrilled that many people participated regularly and I’ve enjoyed reading your family stories, so I certainly hope you enjoyed writing them! For those who have not started the project but still may be interested in doing so, you can always find the links to all the prompts here.  I will always be happy to read your posts on the subject, so if you are finding this later, just comment!

My favorite prompts for this series came at the beginning, when we talked about our family history. I see that this is something that interests me and maybe I should do more research into my own family genealogy. I also still feel that it is important to save a record of things for my children and for future generations, so I’m glad this got me started on it.

Which prompts were the most interesting or fun for you to answer as participants?

October In Review

October was a busy month here on the blog, with my participating in the 31 Days Series making me double post on most days! I will be recapping my series later on today. However, here are some of the highlights of October!

Family Activities:

  • We went to the Jewish Arts Festival

DSCN6570  DSCN6574DSCN6582  DSCN6590

  • The kids and I celebrated my Hebrew birthday with our friends and I tried to get a group picture of 8 total kids.

DSCN6623  DSCN6624DSCN6625  DSCN6626

  • We went to the Pumpkin Patch.
  • We visited the penguins at the zoo – blog post to come soon!

Around The House:


November is one of my favorite months – it includes my birthday and of course Thanksgiving, plus Hanukkah is starting on November 27th this year! Happy November to all!

Ask For Contributions #31Days

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Today will be our last scheduled prompt in our quest to write our family stories. Tomorrow is Day 31 and will just be a wrap up post! So for today, I’m suggesting an assignment. Make a list of the things you might not know about your family. What do you still want to find out? Now, ask for contributions to your project from another family member, be it your parents, grandparents, spouse, children, or whomever you choose. Ask that person the things that you still want to know about your family. If you want, you could choose one question, such as “what is your favorite thing about our family?” and ask it to each family member available to you.

Feel free to share your family member’s contributions in the comments or by leaving a link to your post!

Behind on the series? Catch up here!

October Instagram Wrap Up

Time for another Instagram wrap up post. If you follow me on Instagram you’ve probably seen these pictures already, but I like to post them here because they are the quick snap shots of my life! (If you don’t follow me on Instagram, you can, here.)

2013-09-25_1380075375  2013-09-25_13801380602013-09-29_1380495984  2013-09-29_1380496046
1. My new bag. I got it at If you want an invite for that site, let me know! 2. Simon lining up the dominoes. 3. & 4. We had a bbq at a friends’ house and this hot air balloon went right over us.

 2013-10-03_1380766734  2013-10-03_13808227282013-10-03_1380823294  2013-10-03_1380826008
1. Scarf color 1. 2. Simon playing with a hat in his eyes. 3. Simon and his bff reading a book. 4. Scarf color 2.

2013-10-04_1380907371  2013-10-09_13813344372013-10-09_1381359252  2013-10-09_1381359219
1. Scarf color 3. 2. Zachary on the school playground. 3. Eating lunch with Gabbie at school. 4. The MetLife Blimp.

2013-10-11_1381520211  2013-10-13_13816881732013-10-14_1381773458  2013-10-16_1381953546
1. Scarf color 4 (green). 2. Scarf color 5 (blue). 3. Simon and friend playing. 4. Simon sound asleep on the floor. (Again).

2013-10-17_1382026231  2013-10-18_13821013022013-10-18_1382101748  2013-10-21_1382381683
1. My other knit scarf. 2. Scarf colors 6 & 7. 3. Cool dude Simon. 4. Simon and friend looking outside.

2013-10-21_1382399613  2013-10-23_13825348362013-10-25_1382711301  2013-10-27_1382901696
1. Simon and Mommy. 2. Finished scarf. 3. Started sweater. 4. Merry-Go-Round at the zoo.

2013-10-27_1382905086  2013-10-27_13829068142013-10-27_1382906857  2013-10-27_1382909605
1. Trees slowly changing. 2. Parrots at the zoo. 3. Prairie Dogs (or something) at the zoo. 4. Flamingoes at the zoo.

2013-10-28_1382989738  2013-10-29_13830162632013-10-29_1383049498
1. Influenster Vox Box. 2. Gabbie’s story about “pinquns.” 3. How dark it was outside when the kids left for school yesterday!

Hope you enjoyed this month’s wrap up – which I like to call “Instawrap” in my head!