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Tuesday Topics–Two Rooms In My Childhood Home

Tuesday, September 24, 2013


The last time I was in my childhood home was this past Thanksgiving, because in early 2013 my parents moved to Florida. (So they are officially “Not In Jersey” too!) I took photos of the house at that time since I knew it would be my last time there. My childhood bedroom was all cleaned out by then, and if I really wanted to I could probably share a photo from when I was a kid and then you would see what it looked like messy, but this is it the last time I saw it.

Oh alright. Here’s a photo for you:
Image (6)
Please take in the following details. I was 14 years old in this picture and had just recovered from the chicken pox. That’s right, at 14. I also got my braces off that day, which is why my mom took this picture. Please note: I wore a ton of necklaces. I was wearing my pajamas. My TV and stereo are so clunky. I had a lot of stuffed animals, including Donatello the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle. The collage of photos behind me was from my Bat Mitzvah. The certificate at the top right is from elementary school. I had bangs and they were curly.

Moving on. Another room in my childhood home! The dining room. Isn’t it pretty? We ate there once or twice a year!

Do your parents still live in your childhood home?