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Skirtember Week 3 and Fall Entry Decor

Monday, September 23, 2013

Another week’s worth of outfits to share! I may have to continue doing this after September…but I’m not sure.

September 17. Denim skirt, flowy flowery tank, hoodie cardi type jacket. And necklace. Trendy? Maybe!

September 19. I picked my outfits for Sukkot ahead of time, not being entirely sure of the weather prediction. The first day was HOT! I wore a different cardi that was lighter weight and probably looked better.

September 20. The weather cooperated and I did wear my jacket! I also wore my new boots! I got told I looked like a biker chick. Not exactly what I was going for, but okay then. Also, that is a dress under the shirt.

September 21. I did wear the scarf and jacket but eventually I took them off. I wore ankle boots with this outfit but then changed to flip flops! The weather is on that cusp of chilly and hot!

Speaking of the weather, it is officially Fall now, and I changed my front entry to reflect that! When I last showed it here, it looked like:

Now it looks like this:


In the process of posting this, I realized I forgot to change out the papers in the frame that you can see above saying Summer! So that has been changed to a more fall theme as well.

What do you think? Have you changed your home d├ęcor to reflect that it is Fall? How about the clothes you’ve been wearing?