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It’s Okay Flashback Feature #44

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Nugget On A Budget

It’s okay…

…that I decided to link up today in the same post as my regular Tuesday Flashback Feature – because that feature will be retired soon and I may replace it with this link up.

…that ever since I decided to do the link up I’ve been thinking in my head of all the things I can write!

…that I’m running out of Flashback photos and today’s are kind of lame.

…that I got a new Project Life Core Kit to encourage me to catch up on the project. I’m still working on June.

…that there is another 3 day holiday this week.

…that I’ve been obsessing about fashion. This way I actually dress nicely most days!

…that I’ve gotten back into knitting. It’s the best way to add scarves to my collection – though they take awhile!

…too feel bad for myself when I don’t get chosen for sponsored campaigns.

…to stress over my posts when I do get chosen.

…to be annoyed that I ordered my life planner 3 weeks ago and it still hasn’t shipped. (They normally estimate 10 days!)

…that I only sold about half of my consignment sale items. I still met my goal.

…that I switched my comments to the disqus system. Hope you don’t mind!

…that I glued Zachary’s Cub Scout patches on his shirt instead of sewing them.

…that as much as I want to sleep in the Sukkah, I am still not going to Zachary’s Cub Scout campout on Saturday night. I am sending Dave instead.

…that for today’s Flashback Feature I am sharing pictures from 2006. They are in honor of Sukkot, which is this week. I used to have a group of friends who all had babies at the same time and we had a play group every week. For Sukkot, we all played in my Sukkah. Well, actually outside of it. Gabbie was a year and a half in these pictures.


Hopefully I will be sharing more about Sukkot and our Sukkah this year before the holiday starts tomorrow afternoon!