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Monday, September 30, 2013

31 Days To Write The Story Of Your Family

Your Family Story
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Each October, The Nester hosts a humungous link up known as 31 Days. I first heard of the 31 Days idea last year, but I couldn’t think of a topic to write about for 31 days. Last year, 1200 bloggers posted on a huge variety of topics, each writing a series about their topic for the month of October. This year, The Nester decided to break the link up into categories, and somehow the Family Life category gave me the idea for my series. Each afternoon or evening this month, I will be sharing a prompt meant to inspire readers to journal, blog, or otherwise record the story of their family.

Each of my posts will contain a prompt or prompts having to do with the story of your family, from the roots through the future. If you want to write down your family’s story, you can do so along with me this month (or sometime in the future) by following my prompts, and by the end of 31 days you will have a full journal, blog category, or computer folder containing the story of your family.

I will still be blogging as I regularly do during this month, but you can expect to see these prompt posts in addition to my regular posts. I do have some blanks on my calendar when it comes to prompt ideas – what ideas do you have?

Tell Your Story

Day 1: Share A Family Photo
Day 2: The Roots Of Your Tree
Day 3: What’s In A Name?
Day 4: Family Beginnings
Day 5: Let’s Talk About Babies
Day 6: There’s No Place Like Home
Day 7: Religion and Culture
Day 8: Customs and Traditions
Day 9: Those We Miss
Day 10: Family Treasures
Day 11: Legends and Lore
Day 12: Looks and Personalities
Day 13: The Things You Do Together
Day 14: Spring and Summer Time
Day 15: Fall and Winter
Day 16: Family Vacations
Day 17: Family Parties
Day 18: Family Foods
Day 19: Siblings
Day 20: Extended Family
Day 21: Family Superlatives
Day 22: Famous Family Members
Day 23: School Days
Day 24: Family Careers
Day 25: Family Pets
Day 26: Family Friends
Day 27: You Choose
Day 28: The Future of Your Family
Day 29: Hopes and Dreams
Day 30: Ask For Contributions
Day 31: The End


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AnotherCleanSlate said...

Are you going to post the prompts ahead of time? I'd definitely be interested in joining in for some of them!

Stephanie @ Teach Your Tree said...

Popping over from The Nester. I love it! As a genealogist I'm all about family stories, so I'm really looking forward to your series. I'm also participating this year (and writing about homeschooling family history.) Looking forward to reading! ~ Stephanie

Dara said...

a prompt will be announced each day, but if you want to join in, you can write your answers at any point - the answers don't have to be written on the same day I posted the prompt. I hope that's ok!

Dara said...

ooh, thanks! it's not only going to focus on genealogy and past stories, but that will be a part of it! I look forward to checking out your series as well!

Stephanie @ Teach Your Tree said...

I was hoping that would be the case! It's so important to write our
stories and the stories of our children. You have to look around you,

outsidetheboxmom said...

This will be a fun project for you. I did this while I was on bedrest a few years ago. Traced back several generations on one side of my family. Good luck!

Leslie said...

I think this is a wonderful topic Dara. I think I'm going to jump in on this with a topic of my own. Thanks for the inspiration to join.

Dara said...

very cool! although part of this will address family history, I'm also going to be focusing on the parent/child part of the family!

Dara said...

good for you!

Janine Huldie said...

I love this idea and really this is a great prompt and cannot wait to learn that much more about you and your family here this month now!! :)

Dara said...

I'm actually not sure how much I will share about my family that I haven't shared already! there will be some, for sure. I think I will decide as I go! :)

Leslie said...

What about a prompt about the family member you are most like?

Dara said...

that's a good one, thanks!

Tamara Bowman said...

I have a friend participating in this - looks awesome. And if anyone can do this, it's you.

Dara said...

thank you!

Jenniemarie @ Another Housewif said...

I am not participating in the challenge but decided to follow a few ideas from the challenge for 31 days. I LOVE this idea and am looking forward to following along.

Dara said...

I'm glad you like my idea and hope you enjoy the series!

Ronni said...

How in the name of ice cream can you keep up with all that? You must really put the Life Planner to use! :)

Dara said...