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Monday, August 12, 2013

CSA Chronicles Weeks 9 & 10

Over the last two weeks, things have been hectic here and I haven’t recorded what we have cooked with our CSA vegetables quite as well as in the past. Here is some of what we received in week 9:

Our farmer says: “Sweet corn from Spring Creek Farm in Baldwin City, KS. This is one of my main reasons for sometimes offering crops from different farms.  I don't have room to grow sweet corn in quantity, and I know the farmers at Spring Creek, Stephanie and Tom, grow great sweet corn without synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, fungicides, etc.  The variety is ‘Incredible’ and it is indeed, and ‘Ambrosia,’ a bi-color.”

Our farmer says: “Beautiful ‘Rossa di Milano’ pink sweet onions.”

Our farmer says: “The tomatoes have hit stride at Blue Door, and you'll all be receiving some; a mix of red slicers and smaller heirloom saladette tomatoes. The big reds are hybrid "’Jet Stars,’ and the smaller ones include orange ‘Jaune Flammes,’ purple ‘Purple Ukrainians,’  chocolatey ‘Nyagous,’ yellow/green striped ‘Green Zebra,’ and red ‘Stupice’ and ‘Mountain Magic’ (the only hybrid saladette). Confused about what a hybrid is? It isn't a GMO, just a cross of two different varieties.”

We also received beets and red cabbage that same week. In week 10 we received garlic and tomatoes, and the following:

Our farmer says: “A mix of green bell and horn shaped SWEET Carmen red peppers.  I promise those long red peppers aren't at all hot, but are instead deliciously sweet. Give them a try.” We added them to chili and I did not take a picture.

Our farmer says: “These fat beauties are from Green Gate Farm, where their eggplants are doing well and are undiscovered by groundhogs (here at Blue Door the furry fiends ate 50+ eggplants in the past 2 weeks).”

Our farmer says: “Don't panic! These burgundy beauties are tasty and easy to prepare.  They don’t boil or steam well, but if you chop them up into manageable pieces, and pop them in a hot pan with lots of garlic and let them sizzle for a while, tossing occasionally, then add (if you are so inclined) a bit of hot pepper or hot sauce, a tiny bit of sugar and a bit of soy sauce, stir and turn off the heat, you will have a tasty dish. Alternately, use the my favorite technique: google ‘yard long bean recipes’ and pick one that looks good!”

We cooked them as she described!



Kimberley Tobin said...

I wish we had something like this in my area!! I'd love to support local farmers and it would force me to find creative vegetable recipes too!

Munchkins and the Military said...

I just googled, but the closest CSA is like 2 hours away and they only have meat. This is so cool though! I really love the farmer's notes!

Holly Higgins said...

Yay for CSA's! Those purple beans look yummy!