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August Cara Box Reveal

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

For this month’s Cara Box exchange, participants were paired with other ladies in the same life stage as themselves. Therefore, my partners were both in their 30s with children. I sent a box to Amber, a sweet girl from Michigan who is the proud mom of a three year old. Amber is currently expecting her second baby in February. She is a vet technician and loves animals. She is also a photographer, which is funny because the girl who sent to me is a photographer too! Jennifer is the mama of three kids, ages 9, 11, and 13, who she homeschools. She also has guinea fowl, some of which she hatched from eggs! She sent me a fun questionnaire to fill out which she used to help her in finding what to send me, and I in turn sent the same questions to Amber – so thanks for that Jennifer! Here is my package:

All wrapped so nicely.

One skein of yarn, one lovely framed saying, purple nail polish, carrot seeds, travel themed paper, washi tape, and Mad Libs for kids, which I plan to use on our next road trip (spoiler alert: we’ve got a short 3 hour trip coming soon!)

Closer view of the framed saying and the paper. Love it!

Just when I thought that package was perfect, she also sent a separate box with this for the kids! We are definitely looking forward to trying it out.

Thanks so much for everything, Jennifer!