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July Instagram Wrap Up

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Time for another Instagram wrap up post. If you follow me on Instagram you’ve probably seen these pictures already, but I like to post them here because they are the quick snap shots of my life! (If you don’t follow me on Instagram, you can, here.)

This month I found a much quicker way to save my Instagram pictures to my computer. Previously I was going to and individually saving each picture. Now, through, I can set the dates of photos I want to download and it creates a zip file of my photos that I can move to my computer and easily share here!

2013-07-02_1372807881  2013-07-04_13729473312013-07-04_1372949012  2013-07-04_1372959065
1. Simon swimming. 2.My July 4th nails. 3. My makeup – it may look like a black eye. 4. Photo strip from July 4th Festival.

 2013-07-04_1372976055  2013-07-04_13729765502013-07-05_1372990764  2013-07-05_1372992219
1. Zachary and Gabbie swimming. 2. Gabbie and me. 3. The kids getting read to watch fireworks. 4. Fireworks.

2013-07-05_1372993460  2013-07-08_13733199342013-07-09_1373389241  2013-07-10_1373493860

1. Fireworks. 2. Gabbie trying on a tea party hat. 3. Sinful Shine Gel Tech in Man Hunt. 4. Simon’s adorable face.

2013-07-11_1373559240  2013-07-11_13735629352013-07-12_1373657972  2013-07-12_1373661516
1. 7-11 Free Slurpee Day. 2. Preparing for our professional photos – the kids’ clothes. 3. My new necklaces. 4. My hair in a ponytail.

2013-07-16_1374014453  2013-07-17_13740830732013-07-18_1374177448  2013-07-21_1374442494
1. Simon trying to put his shoe on me. 2. All the Sinful Shine colors at Walgreens. 3. My new shoes. 4. Simon asleep.

2013-07-23_1374602763  2013-07-23_13746038122013-07-24_1374680679  2013-07-24_1374694261
1. Puppet show at the library. 2. Reading at the library. 3. Simon fishing at the museum. 4. Getting ready for our tea party.

2013-07-26_1374863827  2013-07-26_1374865749
1. Zachary wearing rain boots and a bathing suit – he actually went into the pool like that. 2. Simon splashing into the pool.

In other news, it looks like Simon has finally given up his paci! We had a babysitter put him to bed on Thursday, and not realizing, she put him to bed without his paci. He slept all night without it. He found it on Friday and used it during the day, but we put him to bed without it Friday night, and he hasn’t had it since! He’s asked for it, but we just say no. So that’s 3 steps to becoming a big boy down – no more nursing, no more crib, and no more paci. Now he just needs to potty train.