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Disney World Day 4–Hollywood Studios

Monday, July 15, 2013

On our 4th day in Disney World, we woke up to the sound of pouring rain. The forecast was for a tropical storm, complete with tornado warnings! Our plans for the day took us to Disney’s Hollywood Studios, and knowing that much of our plans were indoors, we went ahead with them!

Thursday June 6, 2013

As planned, we headed over to Toy Story Mania and got Fast Passes to ride it again later. Gabbie refuses to wear the 3D glasses but otherwise we all like this ride a lot!

DSCN4002DSCN4003DSCN4004  DSCN4005DSCN4010
The queue for the ride is so cute!

After we rode, we got in line for Buzz and Woody – it was definitely once again not like January where we were first in line to meet them after riding Toy Story Mania! We did have some fun in line while we waited.

DSCN4011  DSCN4012DSCN4013  DSCN4014DSCN4015  DSCN4016DSCN4017  DSCN4018DSCN4019DSCN4020  DSCN4021DSCN4022  DSCN4024

There are better pictures of us with Buzz and Woody soon to come when we get our Photopass CD!


There are not better pictures of us with Lightning McQueen and Mater though, because there was no Photopass photographer there due to the rain!

DSCN4028  DSCN4030DSCN4029

Next we watched the Disney Junior Stage Show. My kids were so excited to see the new addition of Sofia The First and Doc McStuffins in the show! Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Jake and the Neverland Pirates are still in the show as well.


On our must do list was meeting Jake and I was worried he wouldn’t be meeting since his meeting spot is outside. However, there was a sign saying that he would be inside the Animation Building, so we headed there next.

Jake told Zachary that he is also 6.

I don’t know why Simon is crying in this picture!

DSCN4053  DSCN4054
I also don’t know why we posed with Handy Manny before we got his autograph!

DSCN4055  DSCN4056
On our way out of the Animation Building, we ran into Pluto!

We also looked around an animation store:
DSCN4058DSCN4059  DSCN4060DSCN4057  DSCN4061

At this point, it was time to ride Toy Story Mania again, and the rain had pretty much stopped!

The back of the hat

Pixar Place

On the Fast Pass Line

After the ride, we took a break to eat lunch. I took these pictures of signs for one of my favorite shows:

After lunch, we watched the Little Mermaid Show.

And then we rode the Great Movie Ride!
Gabbie is a little scared of this ride!


Then it was time for the Muppets 3D Show. No pictures of that, but here are some from the Muppets themed store!

At this point, Dave was ready to go on Rockin’ Roller Coaster. We thought the single rider line would be short, so the kids and I made our way over there too.

But Dave texted me and he was still waiting to get on and we had planned to see the Beauty and the Beast show next, so I took the kids there instead of waiting in the Rockin’ Roller Coaster exit for Dave.


While we were watching the show, Dave decided to ride Tower of Terror as well. I’m not a Tower of Terror fan, but I really like Rockin’ Roller Coaster. I didn’t want to wait in a super long line though, plus I wasn’t sure how it would be for my healing surgery, so I skipped it. We next decided to watch the American Idol show, which we had never seen before and was not on our original plan, but Gabbie wanted to see it!

Our final stop was the One Man’s Dream exhibit, which shows parts of Walt Disney’s life and creations.
DSCN4145DSCN4148  DSCN4151DSCN4154DSCN4160  DSCN4161DSCN4167

We were planning for a break for dinner, but decided to go over to the Beach Club first for some ice cream! Pictures on the way out:
DSCN4144  DSCN4170DSCN4171DSCN4173DSCN4174

Pictures at the Beach Club (my dream resort):
DSCN4176DSCN4177DSCN4178DSCN4179DSCN4184DSCN4185DSCN4187  DSCN4188DSCN4190  DSCN4191

We went home and had dinner and then returned for Fantasmic. I really wanted to be around for what is known as “Characterpalooza,” where random characters that you don’t normally see come out on the Streets of America, but it didn’t fit into the day. This was the only thing on our plan that we did not get to do.

Hollywood Studios at dusk was really pretty!

Fantasmic itself was so-so. I hadn’t ever seen it before and really wanted to. Of course the kids were scared, and we thought the water effects were a bit longer than necessary. My camera batteries died at the end as well, so the characters arriving on the boat pictures are from my phone!
DSCN4197DSCN4198DSCN4200DSCN4201IMG_0813  IMG_0814IMG_0815  IMG_0816

And we headed home to go to bed!

In summary, we rode 1 ride twice, and one other ride, plus Dave rode two others. We met 5 characters plus Lightning McQueen and Mater. We watched 6 shows, walked through One Man’s Dream, and took a break for ice cream and dinner.

Sounds like a great day in Hollywood Studios to me!