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Disney World Day 2–Magic Kingdom

Monday, July 8, 2013

On our second day in Disney World, we once again woke up early and headed out to the Magic Kingdom. When we got there, I was once again struck by how “not January” it is being in Disney in June. It was packed! And like it was packed with people, this post is packed with pictures. I swear I tried to narrow them down!

Tuesday, June 4

We watched the welcome show and headed into the park. Today’s plan can be found here. We were intending to cover Tomorrowland, part of Fantasyland, and Storybook Circus.


Dave’s first stop was Space Mountain. I don’t like Space Mountain, so we didn’t have to worry about doing a rider switch off for that. I took the kids to Fairytale Garden to meet Merida.

DSCN3749  DSCN3752DSCN3753DSCN3756
Simon and Zachary also practiced their bow and arrow skills!

From there, we headed into Tomorrowland to meet Dave by Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin. There was just about no line there!

Next, we went over to the Indy Speedway, still staying right on schedule! Dave rode with the boys and I rode with Gabbie. For some reason I cannot control the cars on this ride at all!
DSCN3769  DSCN3770DSCN3771

On our way back over towards Buzz Lightyear’s meeting spot, we ran into Push, the talking garbage can. Even though they tried, Push didn’t interact with my kids! He was happily talking to those kids next to mine.

We then got in line for Buzz. I love Buzz, he is just so cute!
DSCN3779  DSCN3781DSCN3783DSCN3784

Still following our schedule! We next got into the standby line for Winnie the Pooh. The kids were excited to play in the interactive queue, which we had sped through last time. It took awhile to get to the actual ride! According to my time stamps, it looks like we were in line about 40 minutes, which was about our longest wait time of the trip! You can start to see how humid it was by how Simon’s hair curled up.
DSCN3786  DSCN3790DSCN3793  DSCN3794DSCN3797  DSCN3800DSCN3803  DSCN3804

After this ride was where we veered from our schedule. We decided it was time to eat. We were meeting a friend of mine, Ronni, who was at Disney the same time as us! On our way to meet her, we passed this:
What is it? Tangled themed bathrooms. I hope one day Rapunzel will do her meetups in this area!

After lunch, we got in line for the kids’ favorite ride, It’s A Small World. We did have this on the plan, but we completely skipped over the Storybook Circus part of the plan!

Afterwards, Simon was the only one who wanted to ride the carousel. He enjoyed it!

Next, Gabbie got Pixie Dusted inside Castle Couture, a store behind the castle. And then we went to watch Mickey’s PhilharMagic, another of our favorites!
DSCN3828  DSCN3829DSCN3830

When we got out the show, we saw it was pouring out! We hung out for awhile in a store, trying to decide what to do. Eventually the rain slowed down a bit, so we walked out towards Main Street. There were some huge puddles and when we debated about walking through them with the kids, a nice passerby offered to lift Gabbie over the puddles while I lifted Zachary and Dave pushed Simon in the stroller! We made it up to the front of Main Street and Simon was sleeping, so Dave sat outside in a rocking chair while Gabbie, Zachary, and I went inside to meet the princesses. It was pretty funny – the whole time in line Zachary kept saying he didn’t want to meet the princesses. But when it was finally our turn…

DSCN3834  DSCN3835DSCN3838DSCN3842DSCN3846
…he was talking to them, touching their dresses, holding their hands…ha!

When we got back outside, it had stopped raining. Unfortunately that was not the last of the rain we’d see. However, for now it looked good. We decided to hop on the railroad back to Storybook Circus, which we’d skipped earlier. First stop, Dumbo! There is a new setup for Dumbo now, when you get to go inside a circus tent and play around while you wait for your turn to ride. Unfortunately, we did have to wait just to get inside the tent! Something amusing happened while we were in line – there were 3 kids waiting together in line, with no parent. They kept climbing on the railings and not moving up when they were supposed to and were annoying me. When we got to the place where you enter the circus tent, the oldest kid (about 10 maybe) was like, oh no, wrong line! Then she asked us if this was the line for Dumbo and Dave told her she was supposed to be with her parents, so they left the line! I wanted them to try to go into the tent without supervision and see if they were allowed in. Oh well!

DSCN3850DSCN3851DSCN3852DSCN3856  DSCN3857DSCN3858

It was our plan to play in the Casey Jr. Splash 'n' Soak Station area, but after the rain storm, we weren’t really in the mood to get wet. Instead, we got in line to meet Goofy and Donald at Pete’s Silly Sideshow.
DSCN3859  DSCN3861DSCN3863  DSCN3865

We opted not to wait in the opposite line for Minnie and Daisy. We then used fast passes to ride the Great Goofini. Gabbie was insistent that she didn’t want to go on it, so she and I and Simon waited for Dave to ride with Zachary. The plan was that I would then ride with Simon. When Zachary got off though, he wanted to go again. Since the seats are only by two and Zachary wasn’t big enough to (nor did he want to) ride alone, they gave us a rider switch pass and I rode with Simon and then again with Zachary while Dave waited with Gabbie.


After eating dinner, we headed back to Tomorrowland to do the things we hadn’t yet done there. First up was the Tomorrowland Transit Authority, aka the People Mover.


From the People Mover, we could see that the Tomorrowland Dance Party was going on. There is a DJ and kids dance with Chip, Dale, Pluto, and Stitch. We joined in for a little while.

Our last stop in Tomorrowland was the Monster’s Inc. Laugh Floor, which I had never done before. We enjoyed it. We then decided to cut all the way back across to the Haunted Mansion, which we had skipped earlier.

On the way, near the construction for the Seven Dwarves Mine Train:

Ominous sky?

Haunted Mansion:

Although my kids are scared of a lot of things, they think the Haunted Mansion is funny!

When we came out of the Haunted Mansion, it was pouring. It was pretty awful! As we walked down Main Street, they announced that the Main Street Electrical Parade was canceled due to the weather. We had planned to watch the parade and then the fireworks, but at that point we decided to leave. We still had one more day at Magic Kingdom, right?

So that was Day 2. We rode 10 rides (plus Mickey’s PhilharMagic and the Laugh Floor) and met 7 characters plus Push. The only things on the schedule we didn’t do were a few character meets (Mary Poppins, Snow White, Mickey, Minnie, and Daisy – and we’d already met Mary, Mickey, and Minnie at Epcot), the Main Street Electrical Parade, and Wishes. There was still time for those things on the days to come.

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