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CSA Chronicles Weeks 6 & 7 and Link Up Announcement

Monday, July 22, 2013

As of the last time I posted, I had not yet used the chard we received in week 5’s CSA share. That night, Dave sautéed the chard as a side dish for our dinner.


In Week 6 we received:

Our farmer says: “This stuff is tasty and monstrously productive. I like to chop it up and sauté it with garlic and onions, then toss it with pasta, black pepper, some goat cheese and fresh basil. Yum.”


What we cooked:

Yellow squash, sautéed with the onions, and a tomato. Served in a wrap with shredded cheese.

Beet salad: Cook beets, unpeeled, in boiling water for 1 hour. Let cool, then peel and chop. Add 2 cloves of garlic, minced, 1 tbsp mayonnaise, and 1/4 tsp salt. So easy, and so yummy!

I used the lettuce in a salad, and funny story about the cucumbers – I thought they were zucchini. I even labeled them as zucchini to post on the blog! Dave pointed out that they were actually cucumbers, so I used them to make the same cucumber salad I posted about before.

In Week 7 we received:

plus more cucumbers, and more onions.

We used the zucchini once again for zucchini parmesan. I used the cucumbers in a quinoa salad:

Some of the onions were sautéed to go with our schwarma.

I used two carrots in a smoothie I made for Simon and myself. We have not yet used the rest of the carrots or the beans!

And now for a special announcement!

Announcing a new link up coming from myself and Filiz, to be held the last week of July and the last week of August - The CSA & Farmers Link Up is a place to show off your farm fresh haul and share the delicious recipes that come from them. The July link up will go live on our blogs on July 29, so start preparing your posts now! (Previous posts are allowed too). Here is the link up button – use it on your posts and help us spread the word!