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July In Review

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

July was always my favorite month growing up. Our July this year was pretty great too! Here are some of the highlights.

Family Activities:

At their closing show.

  • We went to a baseball game.


Around The House:


Blog Stuff:

  • I posted a survey about my blog. I got some great suggestions for future posts – thanks!
  • I started my first link up – all about CSA and Farmers’ Market hauls and recipes!

I think I’m in denial that August starts tomorrow! The kids go back to school in 2.5 weeks – I don’t think I’m ready!

Boynton Beach Florida

If you thought I was done posting about our travels in Florida, you were wrong! After a week at Disney and a week in Tampa, we continued on to spend a week at my parents’ house in Boynton Beach. Dave worked again this week – from the house – so on Sunday he wanted to check out the area. The first place we visited was right near my parents house – the Loxahatchee National Wildlife Refuge.

Inside the visitors’ center, you can go on a virtual airboat ride!

We took a walk on a boardwalk trail

The views were so pretty.

And we got to see an alligator. A big one!

See how close to us he swam?

More nature

That evening, we checked out the beach. It was very pretty!


The next day we also went to the beach. This time with my dad. The kids got to lay in the sand and a little bit n the water.


The next day we checked out the Schoolhouse Museum. It was cute and the kids enjoyed it. I think my parents did too.


On our last full day, we checked out another nature center – the Green Cay Nature Center. This was free and really nice! There are live animals in the visitors’ center and lots of boardwalk trails. It was very hot out – it would be a lot nicer on a cooler day! We also did a bit of geocaching while there.

Zachary is pointing at the word “Lion.” The cache (in his hand) was supposed to be hidden under a “lion”!


That afternoon, the kids washed our car and my dad’s car while Simon napped.


So that’s about it for Florida, aside from the drive back through towards Alabama! Tomorrow I will tell you about the places we saw on our way back home to Kansas!

Flashback Feature–Great Adventure Safari

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Four years ago in July 2009, we took a drive to the safari at Great Adventure (also known as Six Flags) in New Jersey. Apparently, the safari is currently closed because they are creating an off road safari adventure similar to (or at least wanting to be like) the safari at Animal Kingdom. However, when we were there, it was a separate price to drive through the safari, so without going to the actual theme park we got to check out the animals.

Picture 132Picture 133Picture 135Picture 136Picture 137

The safari used to be even better – there were monkeys that would climb all over your car and they were just so funny. However, at the end of the safari, we found this cute play area, which was not there when I was younger.

Picture 138Picture 139Picture 140Picture 141Picture 142Picture 144Picture 145Picture 148Picture 149Picture 150

Love the matching tie-dye shirts! I think that was another activity of that summer!

Tuesday Topics–10 Things I Live For


Yay! Lauren and Tiffany started up a new round of Tuesday Topics and today is week 1. Don’t the topics look interesting? I know I’m excited! So today’s topic is 10 things I live for. For some reason I’m having a hard time thinking of things I live for! Besides the obvious –

1. My husband and kids!


2. The good days.

3. Bedtime after a long day.

4. The times we all go out as a family – and the times I get to stay home.

5. Getting a good price or a bargain.

6. Happy memories.


7. The days Dave gets home after he’s been away for work.

8. Yummy food.

9. Good times with friends.

10. Me. If I don’t live for myself, what else should I live for?

(But mostly this).

By the way, if you want to see more pictures like the ones above, come back tomorrow!