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What I Want To Be

Monday, June 17, 2013


I’ve always loved to ask kids what they want to be when they grow up. I love their funny answers like “a gorilla” or “Superman.” Maybe I keep asking the question because I never decided what I wanted to be when I grew up!

When I was very little I said I wanted to be a doctor and an artist because my childhood pediatrician was a doctor (obviously) and also painted. However, I soon realized that I had no fine art talent and also had no interest in the things I would have had to learn to become a doctor.


In our sixth grade yearbook, under our photos was written what we wanted to become. Mine said “author.” And if you ask me today, I would not say I want to author a book, but I still want to be a writer. Writing short articles and expressing myself is my favorite thing – hence this blog! However, it took quite some time to get here. I have held a variety of jobs in my life and I thought I would share them all today!

1. Babysitter. Just like most every young girl (or guy) out there, my first job was babysitting.

2. Pouring paint at a ceramics party place. I made $5 per party in cash.

3. Camp counselor. My first summer working I made $300. It worked out to something like less than a dollar an hour. I was a counselor for 2 summers and then I was a counselor for the travel camp.

4. Office help and tutoring at my Hebrew School.

5. Borders Bookstore. I worked there for a few summers and breaks.

It didn’t really look like this. [source]

6. Internship in the Communication Department at the Jewish Federation.

7. Afterschool program at the Y.

8. College bookstore – I worked in the medical book section.

9. Office help at the Honors Program at my school.

10. Various temp jobs. The one that stands out was where I had to call doctors offices all day long trying to get the doctors to sign up for continuing education classes.

11. Department of Students with Disabilities – I took notes in classes for kids who couldn’t write, etc.

12. Receptionist at an insurance agency.


13. Internship at Jewish Community Center.

14. Assistant Director of Camp.

15. Internship at Jewish Family Service.

16. Social Worker / Clinician with Therapeutic Foster Care.

17. Maternity leave replacement School Counselor at school for kids with disabilities.

18. School Counselor at school for kids with behavior issues.


19. School Social Worker at school for kids with disabilities.

20. Stay at home mom.

Ha! I added that #20 because it was making me frustrated that I’d held only 19 jobs in my lifetime! OK, that’s a lot. How many different jobs have you had? And what do you want to be when you grow up?