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“The Essentials Kit” for a Multitasking Mom on the Move

Monday, June 3, 2013

Emergencies have a nasty habit of occurring during those moments when the last thing you need is distraction, distress and chaos. If Facebook CEO, Sheryl Sandberg, also a mum to 2 beautiful children, was saddled with the unique problem of handling lice in her children’s hair a mere hour before a crucial business presentation which she was scheduled to conduct; one can well imagine what fellow working moms could face. Sandberg resolved her problem by adding a lice detector, among other “emergency handling essentials” to her workbag in order to be prepared to deal with the many curveballs which hit moms out of nowhere and often threaten to disrupt their schedules. A few emergency essentials which any working mom can carry either in her hand bag or even in a separate “emergency box”, will serve to help fix minor problems and provide temporary relief to major ones.
Ziploc medicine pouch – Paracetamol, Aspirin, Multi vitamins and other safe, over-the-counter medications will help relieve fevers, tummy aches, allergies and other issues which plague young children and older children alike. Be sure to check with your child’s doctor about appropriate medicines, dosages, side-effects before getting your pills together. Needless to say, adding a portable first aid kit would be a helpful addition; various sized band aids, disinfectant, hand sanitizer, tweezers, anti-rash cream and a topical ointment will help. For those whose kids have severe allergies, and require special aids such as nebulizers, keeping an extra one handy is helpful.
The cleaning pouch – This pouch will contain things which you might need for emergency clean ups, such as wet wipes to clean up sudden globs of spit, food and vomit which are commonplace with really young children. Little towellettes are easier to carry and will come in handy often. Stain remover spray and disinfectant sprays are highly recommended, and while some might consider the following addition to be overkill, a toilet seat sanitizing spray seems to be a most natural addition to the bag of someone who travels and needs to use public restrooms. A hand sanitizer is also recommended as an addition to this pouch [or Ziploc bag], and for those who use makeup, a travel size bottle of makeup remover will help clean up panda eyes and streaky foundation.
The gadget bag – Travel chargers for your mobile device, tablet and other gadgets are absolutely essential, and for those who are highly dependent on their cell phones, it is recommended to keep an extra battery handy just in case. Toss in a USB stick and a USB multi-port unit in case you need to share information or transfer files; most of them now come with dedicated slots for digital camera cards as well. It is optional to add a digital thermometer to the bag as it can also be added to the medicine pouch. Other additions depend on your personal needs, but some emergency basics such as a torch or emergency light [the latter is meant to fit in a car and not a handbag!] could come in handy.
There are a number of other emergency and essential kit options available, which can be customized by you according to your specific needs. Depending on situations in your life which are challenging, it is fun, easy and effective to place a few articles in your handbag, the backseat or dashboard of your car, or even in your office. It is guaranteed that this preparedness will make your life much easier by allowing you to tackle sudden problems effectively without panic, ultimately resulting in a healthier, happier and more organized you!

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