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Good Life Moments with Allstate #GoodLife

Sunday, June 2, 2013

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Allstate for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

Who remembers seeing those commercials for insurance companies that play up the possible disasters in life? I seem to remember commercials which showed families recovering after a tornado or a hurricane or a fire destroyed their home and belongings and their insurance company was there to help them recover.

Allstate's Good Hands for the Good Life campaign is new and different for an insurance company. It has a voice of optimism and celebration versus doubt and fear. The Allstate brand commercial shows the story of how there are risks everywhere but we shouldn't let them hold us back from making our lives good.

There may be sharks, lightning, poisonous snakes, and car crashes, but we still live. Three and a half years ago, our family moved half way across the country, from New Jersey to Kansas. We didn't know anyone. We didn't know how to get around or where to send our then preschoolers to school. Now we love Kansas and would not want to live anywhere else. My best friends live in Kansas. My best friends and my kids best friends are people  that we never would have met if we never took the risk and moved to Kansas. Even though there are risks in life, we chose to live an example of the Allstate Good Life - taking the risk in order to live.

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Rather than focusing on the bad things that could happen in life, Allstate is focusing on creating the good. There are so many examples in life of overcoming fear or doubt in order to triumph - if you never get off the couch and start training, you'll never complete a marathon. If you never let go of the wall, you'll never learn to swim. If you never agree to move across the country, you'll never experience a completely new place with wonderful new friends you would not have met otherwise. When in your life have you taken a risk in order to experience the good life?

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