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Disney Autograph Books Take 2

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

One of my most popular posts, at least on Pinterest, is my post about our Disney Autograph books. Even though we love our books from our last trip, I didn’t want to do the same idea again for our next trip. However, we definitely want to collect character autographs! So I decided to come up with a new idea for this trip.

Last time, I printed individual pages for each character we thought we might meet. This time, I am not sure what characters we will meet, plus there is a chance we will meet even more characters than last time, so I decided I didn’t want to have pages that would be specific to certain characters. This makes things a little easier preparation wise. Here is what I did.

I bought these photo albums at Michaels. They have 36 pages. The covers didn’t matter because they slip right out!

I bought Disney themed scrapbook paper. I cut the paper to the size of the album covers – front and back

I slid the new covers in – I love how they turned out!

I removed the covers again because I decided to use scrapbook stickers to label each book with the kids’ names. Simon’s book is horizontal because when I cut 4x6 pieces out of 12x12 paper, I had to cut the bottom part horizontally. This is important for how I did the final step.

I bought packs of cardstock at Michaels as well. This will be what the characters actually sign. (See the strips of character faces? Those are the extras from the scrapbook paper after I cut the covers!)

The paper I bought was meant to mat 4x6 pictures, so each sheet actually measured 4.5x6.5. I trimmed the papers so they will fit into our books.

On each paper, I used a sticker to decorate. These papers are for Simon’s book – and as you can see, they are laid out horizontally. Hopefully this will encourage the characters to sign correctly so that the whole book will be horizontal, like his cover!

These pages are for Zachary’s book. Even though there are various characters on the pages, they are meant for any character to sign. Zachary’s pages are mostly Toy Story characters with a few Mickey and Friends.

Gabbie’s pages are mostly Princesses, with some Minnie, Daisy, etc. and some Jessie (basically girly characters!)

I will be carrying each kids’ pack of 36 decorated cardstock pages. When we meet a character, the kids will hold one page on top of their album so the character can sign while leaning on the album. We will then put the signed pages into our albums. I think these books will come out cute! I will have to show you the finished product when we return.

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