Not In Jersey: Camp Week 1 and Sponsor Us–Chai-a-Thon! Camp Week 1 and Sponsor Us–Chai-a-Thon! - Not In Jersey

Camp Week 1 and Sponsor Us–Chai-a-Thon!

Friday, June 28, 2013

This week was the first week of camp! My kids had a blast, as always. They go to Camp Gan Israel, which is an international camp with local branches. Ours is called CGI Kansas and just happens to be run by one of my closest friends and her husband! The kids get to go swimming, play fun games, make projects, learn about Judaism and other things, and go on trips. This week they went on a trip to see a show, went swimming, and learned archery. Even Simon got to do archery! Pictures are posted daily on the facebook page, so here are some of my kids!


My kids are participating in Chai Lifeline’s Chai-a-Thon. Chai Lifeline is a national organization that helps families of children diagnosed with life threatening or lifelong illnesses. The Chai-a-Thon raises money for these children to attend Camp Simcha and Camp Simcha Special, which are summer camps equipped for these children to attend.  Every year Jewish camps around the country participate in the Chai-A-Thon. This year our camp is having a bowl-a-thon!

My kids are looking for sponsors for this worthwhile cause. There are two ways to sponsor them – you can either pledge a certain amount for each point the kids score when bowling. Or you can donate one lump sum. To donate a lump sum, visit our sponsor page. To make a pledge, leave me your email address and I will get the information needed to record your pledge! If you are worried they will score too many points bowling, you can just sponsor one of them instead of all 3!

Thanks so much!