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Wall Art–Reusable Bags to Canvases

Monday, May 27, 2013

This month’s challenge was Wall Art – basically all the crafts I make are Wall Art! It’s my favorite, I think. For example, my April challenge for Budget Décor was wall art. And I recently posted a cork board that I made on Mommy Blog Hoppers! So I wasn’t sure what to make for this challenge, until I remember a project I had the materials for but had not completed yet. I didn’t come up with this idea on my own, but I’m not sure which blog I found it on originally!

These are reusable bags from the dollar section at Target. You can really find some nicely designed bags that can be turned into art! I also used small canvases and thumbtacks.

I wrapped the bags around the canvases and attached in the back with thumbtacks. I ended up doing this one over because the back was much too bulky.

Finished canvases!

Funny story. As I was working on these, I thought to myself that they would make a great gift for our kindergarten teacher, as the kindergarten does an Eric Carle unit every year. However, I’d already come up with teachers’ gifts (which I will share later in the week). Then, Gabbie pointed out that I’d only made 4 of the teachers’ gifts and I actually needed 5! Gabbie has 3 teachers but I was thinking she only had 2! So I decided that these will be the 5th gift that I didn’t prepare for otherwise.

What do you think of my canvas art?