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Summer Fashion Mix and Match

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

A few weeks ago I had an idea that I would create a wardrobe for myself using certain basic pieces mixed and matched in various ways. This idea is not new, but it’s not something I have tried before. I made a few lists and thought I would use approximately 7-8 pieces each of bottoms, short sleeved tops, and long sleeved tops. As of now, I don’t have all of the pieces that I wanted to incorporate, but I was able to put together a bunch of different outfits from what I have! This doesn’t include shoes or accessories and it’s very simple, but here is what I have come up with so far.


These are the pieces I’m starting with. As you can see, I have white jeans, denim jeans, denim shorts, a turquoise skirt, a black and white striped shirt, a black tank dress, a turquoise and white striped shirt, a yellow lacy tank, a purple and white tank, a red shirt, a turquoise shirt, a white tank, grey and black cardigans, a lightweight white long sleeved shirt, and a blue cardigan.

Here are the combinations I put together!

black and white with white jeans, turquoise and white with shorts

black and white under tank dress, yellow tank with jeans

white tank with skirt, red shirt with denim shorts

turquoise shirt with white jeans, grey cardigan over tank dress

long sleeve white shirt with turquoise skirt, turquoise shirt with denim shorts

purple and white tank with jeans, yellow tank with turquoise skirt

red shirt with white jeans, black and white shirt with denim shorts

red shirt with jeans, purple and white tank with denim shorts

black cardi, turquoise and white shirt, and jeans

blue cardi, purple and white tank, and white jeans, grey cardi, turquoise shirt, and jeans

long sleeved white shirt, yellow tank, and denim shorts, blue cardi, white tank, and jeans, grey cardi, turquoise and white shirt, and white jeans

Obviously, once you start mixing and matching the cardigans, there are lots more combinations! I still think I need a few more bottoms, plus I really wanted to add in a long sleeved chambray shirt. At this rate, I could wear a different outfit every day all summer! Just shown above are 22 outfit combinations. And in case you were wondering, these are not the only t-shirts and tanks I have!

I’m not thinking of becoming a fashion blogger, but maybe I’ll start sharing a few “what I wore” posts. What do you think?

Lena B, Actually