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Sunday, May 26, 2013

Second Grade International Fair

On Thursday, Gabbie’s second grade class had their big end of the year event – the International Fair. Every child chose a country to research. They made scrapbooks with information about their country. They made large display posters and brought in items from their country to share on tables in the hallway. And they wore costumes representing their country for a show, in which they sang a few songs and each child spoke about why they chose their country. The reasons much of the time were that family members were born there or had been there. A few kids had been to their countries. Gabbie chose to research Egypt.

The kids lined up and walked into the room singing “It’s a Small World.”

Some kids on the stage. The Angry Bird is representing Finland, where Angry Birds was made! Gabbie is behind the boy with the brown square on him – he’s supposed to be chocolate, representing Switzerland!

They started by reciting the International Rights of the Child. They memorized their parts and recited them with a friend.

The class.

Gabbie’s introduction to Egypt.

“Assalaamu Aleikum (ah-sah-LA-moo ah-LAY-koom). That means hello. Mitzrayim is Egypt in Hebrew. I wanted this country because my Mommy and Daddy have been there. Did you know that the Great Pyramid of Giza was made out of 2,300,000 blocks of stone. I want to see the pyramids and shuls in Egypt. Make sure no one makes you their slave. Oh, I forgot that there are no more Pharoahs. Ma salaama (MAH sah-LAH-mah), that means goodbye.”

At the end they sang two songs and recited “Hug of War” by Shel Silverstein.

Next we got to visit the tables! Gabbie was very proud of hers.

Here are her scrapbook pages.

DSCN3403  DSCN3404DSCN3405  DSCN3406
Ireland, India, Sweden, Zimbabwe

France, Spain


Scotland, Romania


The United Kingdom


Zimbabwe again – I guess it was my favorite!

Gabbie’s table

Gabbie’s poster

Ma salaama, that means goodbye!


Janine Huldie said...

When I was teaching middle school, the end of the year event was the International Fair and the kids had so much fun doing this. And to see their excitement over all they put together on their country of choice was always so much fun for the parents and teachers, too. This reminded me so much of that and looked like Gabbie had a wonderful time, as well as the other kids and loved seeing all the different countries represented here!! :)

Breenah said...

This is cool :) We had to do a presentation like this, but on a year of history. We drew pennies to determine the year.

Tamar SB said...

What a awesome project! Loving the creativity! The boy in the kilt - I love it!!

Leslie @ Violet Imperfection said...

What a great project and I love the idea of the international fair. Gabbie looks adorable.

Jennifer said...

I love this! Looks like it was a lot of fun. Great way to get kids to learn about other cultures.