Not In Jersey: May is for Moms Part 3–An Interview With Gabbie (plus pictures) May is for Moms Part 3–An Interview With Gabbie (plus pictures) - Not In Jersey

May is for Moms Part 3–An Interview With Gabbie (plus pictures)

Sunday, May 19, 2013


For Part 3 of the May is for Moms Linkup, I have an interview with Gabbie to share! I copied down her answers just as she said them, so I take no responsibility for them!

1. What is your favorite thing that you and I do together?

Paint our nails.

2. What is something important I have taught you that you will always remember? (i.e. Be nice to everyone, Always make your bed, etc.)

Do what you’re told.

3. What is your most special memory about me?

Going to Israel and going to Disney World.

4. What is something nice I always say to you?

I love you

5. How are you and I the same? How are we different?

We both like to paint our nails. We look the same. We both like to knit. You are on your computer and I am on my ipod or watching TV.

For Mother’s Day, I decided I wanted to go somewhere pretty and have Dave take pictures of me and the kids. I am normally the photographer, which of course means I am not in many pictures with the kids. Well, we tried anyway! Zachary tends to get a bit silly when asked to smile for pictures, and Simon refused to take out his paci!

This is the traumatic event of me trying to take away Simon’s paci!

Zachary insisted the sun was in his eyes.

One of us looks at the camera…

Two of us look at the camera…

We tried a new location. It was midday, so no matter what, the sun was in Zachary’s eyes!

And again.

This one isn’t awful!

This may actually be my favorite! A nice lady offered to take a photo with all of us.

Running on these paths is much more fun than sitting for photos!

Zachary just kept his eyes closed.

And he’s off!

Afterwards we had a bit of play time at the playground.

Maybe someday I’ll be able to get normal pictures of me and the kids. Maybe when they’re all older!

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