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Monday, May 13, 2013

First Step Stories + Giveaway

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When you’re a first time mom, you can’t wait for your baby to take her first step. I expected that Gabbie would be like all the other babies I knew and walk by the time she was one year old, but she didn’t! Gabbie didn’t take her first step until she was 17 months old. We bought her real shoes even before she started walking, hoping it would help her!


It turns out her late steps were partially genetics and partially her timidness. Gabbie took her first steps at a party at the First Aid Squad where Dave used to be a volunteer. It happened so quickly that I wasn’t sure it happened. Then a few weeks later we were in L.A. and she walked back and forth at the pool – not wearing any shoes! So the real shoes didn’t help. Finally, she started walking for real in our kitchen while holding onto a bib. I guess it gave her the confidence she needed!


Zachary also started walking relatively late. He was 15 months old. To be honest, I don’t remember when he took his first steps! He too got shoes before he was officially walking.


But in the video I took when he started really walking, he’s wearing pajamas and therefore no shoes!

Simon walked the earliest of the 3 kids, when he was 14 months old. I remember him talking a few steps in our living room, but I don’t have pictures or a video – poor 3rd child that he is! In these pictures he is standing, looking outside, and was wearing real shoes, so we can pretend these were about when he started walking!


How old were your kids when they started walking?

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Janine Huldie said...

Loved hearing the first step stories here and so interesting to see how different each kid is for sure. Great videos, too!! :)

Breenah said...

Quinn started walking fairly early. Nine or ten months, I think. She was walking pretty well by her first birthday, but so was I so I guess the genetics thing comes in to play.

We were sitting on the living room floor playing with her and she wanted Jarrod's drumsticks. I stood her up and held her hands and he held the drumsticks out and she walked right over to them. Of course, once she got them she sat right back down.

Leslie @ Violet Imperfection said...

Violet was 11 months when she started walking, sometimes I wish she had waited a little longer. :)

Kera @ Nugget On A Budget said...

I love the photos of each of your kids around when they started to walk! It's fun hearing other moms' stories. Sofia was a week shy of her 1st birthday when she took her first steps.

Justine B said...

Hmmm, thats a hard one! I guess I have always been a classic vanilla fan :)

Dawns Disaster said...

Oh goodness! 17 months would have driven me up the wall with waiting! On one hand, I'm glad the Big One (and others) walked early, on the other, we had to baby-proof it so much earlier than expected ;)

Little Baby loves to hold things like a football and take off running. I think you are right (about the bib) that holding helps steady them.