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Monday, March 11, 2013

Useless Baby Items

I’m excited to tell everyone that I’m a new contributor on the Mommy Blog Hoppers blog with my friends Dawn, Leslie, and Kera (and now Janine, who is new like me)! I was very excited when they asked me to be a part of their blog and jumped on the opportunity to post over there about two times per month. I will let everyone know over here when to check me out there!

Mommy Blog Hoppers

The Mommy Blog Hoppers also sponsor a once per month link up called Mommy Cubed. I have been linking up there each month with my posts about bedtimes and first foods. This month’s topic is “The Most Useless Baby Items.” Even though it’s been awhile since I’ve had a little baby, I can still think of a few.

Warm Glow Wipe Warmer

“Make sure your baby has a warm, moist wipe every time with our top-warming system. The flip-top lid activates a soothing 10-minute light so you can easily change your baby at night without waking them up. It holds up to 100 pop-up wipes and has a window so you can check the level at a glance. So no more startling cold wipes or nighttime lights to wake up a drowsy baby. Because a sleeping baby means a sleeping mom. Top down warmer prevents browning. On/off button controls light. Limited 1-year warranty. The item is white in color with bluish-purple accents.”
My thoughts on this: I never saw the purpose of a wipes warmer. My babies really didn’t care – until Simon that is! He did not like cold wipes. However, he got used to it. I didn’t buy a wipes warmer. I also don’t think a wipes warmer needs to glow. If a baby needs to be changed at night, he’s probably already awake. If he’s asleep, don’t change him. (Newborns sometimes poop at night and need to be changed, but they very quickly learn not to poop until morning!)

Cotton Mitts

“Organic cotton mitts help to cover newborn hands to avoid scratches from little fingernails.”
My thoughts on this: These actually fall into the category of “things I had but really did not need.” I actually put them on Gabbie when she was first born. Maybe once before they all got lost. If you’re really worried, the infant t-shirts and some of their outfits come with fold over flaps on the sleeves which warm hands and protect from scratches just as well.

Newborn 3 Pack Terry Dribbler Bib

“Terry bibs help to keep messes to a minimum and baby's clothes drier, made of 80 percent cotton / 20 percent polyester terry for softness and absorbency, soft neck closure for a great fit, 3 pack assorted prints, machine wash and dry, great item for gift giving.”
My thoughts on this: Babies don’t eat the kind of food that would make a mess needing a bib until they are too big for a newborn size bib. If you have a spitter, this size bib is also unlikely to help. Simon and Zachary both spit up a lot and I used thicker burb cloths to mop it up. I don’t know very much about formula feeding though – maybe newborn sized bibs are helpful for bottles?

Bottle Holder

“This is the bottle propper you've been searching for. Originally designed for mothers of multiples and now it's every mothers dream. The fabric is a soft, cushy fabric that lays comfortably on your babys chest. It's tight enough to avoid tipping of the bottle yet, loose enough giving the baby a choice of stopping to drink the bottle for whichever reason. This makes it a safe and secure bottle propper. It also helps develop the hand eye coordination and teaches them to hold a bottle on their own. It accomodates any size or shaped bottle.”
My thoughts on this: All the typos above are direct from the Amazon description. Bottle propping is dangerous and a choking hazard. I guess using something designed to prop a bottle would be better than using a blanket, but I’m not sure how much better it would be!

Pee-pee Teepee

“Changing a baby girl is not all glitz and glory. Changing a baby boy is even a bigger horror story. You hold his feet with one hand and change the diaper with the other, the whole time praying 'please don't pee on your mother'." This adorable Pee-pee Teepee, decorated with cute little monkeys, will protect you from the danger that comes with changing a baby boy's diaper. Shaped like a cone, it is placed on top of the wee wee during the diaper change.”
My thoughts on this: First of all, girls can pee on you too. In fact, Gabbie once pooped on the wall next to her changing table. True story. But seriously, this has to be the stupidest invention ever. People actually would spend $10 on this? I think our solution was much easier – just put a washcloth on top of the baby. It covers more and actually stays on – I imagine the teepee wouldn’t! Or…you could use a not warmed up wipe!
I just told the kids about Pee pee Teepees and Simon thought it was hilarious. Or maybe he just liked the way it sounded.
What would make your list of useless baby items? Don’t forget to visit the link up to add your post, or to just read other blog posts written on the topic!


Anonymous said...

We were given pee pee tee pee for a present. My dd walked around with it on her head as a hat and then put it on the baby's head.funny but not useful.

Chani M said...

I feel like diaper pails are useless and GROSS! We got one and within a month I carried the whole thing out to the dumpster and just tossed it!

I also stay away from toddler beds, my kids are cuddlers and when they get out of their cribs we put them straight into real beds so we can crawl in with them as needed.

Tamar SB said...

The bottle holder is ridiculous! When my sister was expecting Noam, I sent them a list of what they actually need and what they don't (since she never babysat and I did!)

Myrna said...

Your post is quite hilarious and it's so useful for new parents who have no clue what they really need. There are probably a lot of items for all ages that are useless. Great idea!

Leslie @ Violet Imperfection said...

I never understood the mittens but some people love them. Violet hated her hands being covered so they were a waste for us, we did use the smaller bibs for awhile with Violet, the larger bibs we had were just too big for her at the beginning.

Kera @ Nugget On A Budget said...

I so agree with you on the bibs. We had a ton of hand-me-down ones from my mom's friend, but I hardly used them with Sofia. And I loved my wipes warmer lol! I know lots of people say it's useless, but I liked it when Sofia was a newborn. the one I had didn't make the wipes too hot either.

Janine Huldie said...

So, so happy to be alongside of you and the newest additions to the Mommy Blog Hoppers. You know I totally forgot about the baby mittens and we too bought these and never actually used them. Just in the end was another thing that Emma didn't seem to like and was wasted money on something I think got tossed in the garbage in before my second arrived.

Shaindy @ Happily Hectic said...

Thanks for the laughs! We just had a baby and I came across a pair of mitts I got for my first son. Didn't use them then and don't use them now. I just don't have the heart to throw them out because they're brand new!

Breenah said...

We never used any of those except the dribbler bibs. They helped because when Quinn spit up it went straight down her chin. The pee-pee teepees make me giggle.

Mel@Mellywood's Mansion said...

LOl I'm nodding my head at all of these. I bottle fed my kids, the bottle holder would be great for Mum's of multiples if there was no one to help but seriously with 4 other kids I still managed to make time to feed Max his bottle and I really enjoyed to cuddle time of feeding. I have never seen a wipes warmer. The pee pee tee pee, I had one son who would pee all over me every time I went to change him. I just learned to open the nappy partially then wait til he finished. 10 bucks for 8 changes of a newborn - what a scam!

Dawns Disaster said...

Cotton mitts! I totally forgot about those...probably because we didn't use them! I did like the long-sleeve outfits that have the extra flap to curl over the hands, but we didn't use the extra mitts.

And I'm super excited that you joined MBH!!

Ellie said...

I've never heard of the bottle holder before - seems a little dangerous. I've seen a similar pee pee shield and it does seem useless, I've always just used a diaper of wipe as a shield. Great list!

Ashley said...

I too have never heard of that bottle holder. Looks like an As Seen on TV item. LOL! Ok - the story about the poop on the wall cracked me up! My daughter did the same thing, but at my best friend's house on her wall. Whoops! I have to admit, I loved the baby mittens. Chloe was born 3.5 weeks early and had the most fragile nails, but boy were they daggers! She would nearly claw her eyes out. Those mittens were a must-have for us. Stopping by from MHB - just linked up!