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T-Shirt to Cardigan Refashion

Monday, March 25, 2013

shirt to cardi

Awhile ago I bought a t-shirt for something like $2 at Wal-mart. I thought I might tie-dye it but I never got around to that. When I saw that this month’s challenge was “Wear It” I knew I wanted to make something out of the t-shirt. And I wanted to turn it into a cardigan.

DSCN2651Just a regular t-shirt

I started by folding it in half and then cutting. I accidentally cut the front and the back when I’d only meant to cut up the front! I was planning on making a longer cardigan, but I realized early enough to turn it into a cropped cardi.

Once I cut off the whole bottom section of the shirt, I had a lot of material left, so I decided to make a rosette accent for the cardigan. I used the tutorial found here to create my rosettes. I didn’t have felt to create the backings of the rosettes so instead I used squares of the t-shirt fabric!

Here’s how it turned out:

I think I like it! I can’t wait to actually wear it when the weather gets warmer!