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Simon Says

Monday, March 4, 2013

Simon is a full blown talker at age 2.5 and he says the funniest things. These were collected over the past few weeks and I’m sure for some of them you had to be there, but I just had to share!


Looking at a picture of Gabbie and Zachary: “That’s not Zachary, that’s me. There is no Zachary. I ate him.”

“Tickle my back.” (points to bottom). Me: “That’s your tushie.” Simon: “no that’s my potty.”

“I had a good day at school Mommy.”

Dave: “Are we going to cut your hair?” Simon: “No, I’m not [name of friend who had his haircut].” Dave: “When are we going to cut your hair?” Simon: “On Friday.”

While I was reading a bedtime story: “Who are you talking to??”

While pretending to read “The Little Engine That Could”: “Once there was a train name Caillou.”

Me: “Who’s your best friend at school?” Simon: “Caillou.”

Me: “Where does Mickey Mouse live?” Simon: “In the castle.”