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Middle Name Pride Day

Sunday, March 10, 2013


I heard a rumor that today is Middle Name Pride Day (or it might have been on Friday, but that’s ok). This kind of silly holiday appeals to me because asking people their middle name is one of my favorite hobbies! I love names in general but when I was in college and I had two good friends named Mark (one was Marc) and my brother’s name is also Mark, I just had to find out their middle names. And then I asked everyone else at the party for their middle names too. True story.

The Disney Baby Blog posted on middle name trends for babies in 2013 and came up with 7 common trends:

  1. Nature or animal names such as Ivy, Skye, Wren, and Rain
  2. Actual words as names such as Grace, Hope, and Bliss
  3. Unisex names such as Charlie, Gray, and Quinn
  4. Maiden names
  5. Multiple middle names
  6. Popular middle names such as May, Rose, and Lee
  7. Future popular middle names such as Eve, Belle, and Pearl

On Middle Name Pride Day you are supposed to reveal your middle name to 3 people who don’t know it already, so I’m announcing right now that my middle name is Rachel! I was given my middle name after my dad’s grandmother whose name was Ruth, but my parents used the letter R and chose Rachel.

My kids’ middle names are all Hebrew names. Gabbie’s middle name is Devorah (Hebrew version of Deborah), which was Dave’s grandmother’s Hebrew name. Zachary’s middle name is Elan (EE-lon - actually means tree in Hebrew) which is after’s Dave’s uncle whose name was Allen. Simon’s middle name is Yonah (Hebrew version of – and rhymes with – Jonah) which is after my uncle Jack, whose Hebrew name was Yankel.

And the last middle name I have to share today is Dave’s middle name – Herbert!

Please won’t you indulge me and tell me your middle name? And your kids’ middle names too? I will love it!