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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Middle Name Pride Day


I heard a rumor that today is Middle Name Pride Day (or it might have been on Friday, but that’s ok). This kind of silly holiday appeals to me because asking people their middle name is one of my favorite hobbies! I love names in general but when I was in college and I had two good friends named Mark (one was Marc) and my brother’s name is also Mark, I just had to find out their middle names. And then I asked everyone else at the party for their middle names too. True story.

The Disney Baby Blog posted on middle name trends for babies in 2013 and came up with 7 common trends:

  1. Nature or animal names such as Ivy, Skye, Wren, and Rain
  2. Actual words as names such as Grace, Hope, and Bliss
  3. Unisex names such as Charlie, Gray, and Quinn
  4. Maiden names
  5. Multiple middle names
  6. Popular middle names such as May, Rose, and Lee
  7. Future popular middle names such as Eve, Belle, and Pearl

On Middle Name Pride Day you are supposed to reveal your middle name to 3 people who don’t know it already, so I’m announcing right now that my middle name is Rachel! I was given my middle name after my dad’s grandmother whose name was Ruth, but my parents used the letter R and chose Rachel.

My kids’ middle names are all Hebrew names. Gabbie’s middle name is Devorah (Hebrew version of Deborah), which was Dave’s grandmother’s Hebrew name. Zachary’s middle name is Elan (EE-lon - actually means tree in Hebrew) which is after’s Dave’s uncle whose name was Allen. Simon’s middle name is Yonah (Hebrew version of – and rhymes with – Jonah) which is after my uncle Jack, whose Hebrew name was Yankel.

And the last middle name I have to share today is Dave’s middle name – Herbert!

Please won’t you indulge me and tell me your middle name? And your kids’ middle names too? I will love it!


Tamar SB said...

Fun post! Mine is Alexandra. (because that name and a long hyphenated last name wasn't enough, ha!) It's for a Russian family member. My sister is Avital Yehudit and my nephew is Noam Morris.

One of my students is an Ilan (just with an I, but I grew up with an Elan with an E) and I also have a Jonah in my class!

Masshole Mommy said...


My ex-husband is Portuguese and their cultural tradition is to give each child the mother's maiden name as a middle name, so him, his sister and his brother all have Correia as a middle name.

Breenah said...

Mine is Lynn because Sabrina Kaitlyn (another name she wanted for me) didn't sound right. My husband's middle name is Michael and our daughter's is Lauren, both just because it sounded good. The only people in our family that have meaningful middle names are my mom and sister. My mom was named after her aunt who died as a baby and my sister got hers from our aunt because I got to choose it.

Dana @ Kiss My List said...

My middle name was Michelle but I changed it to my maiden name when I got married. We gave our daughter my maiden name as a middle name too, but I was kinda over that by the time my son was born, so his middle name is Joshua. Needless to say my daughter is not thrilled, but I hope she will appreciate her name more as she gets older. If not she can change it like I did :)

CHill said...

My middle name is the same as my mother and my daughter: Lea. My oldest son's middle name is Gregory, and my youngest son's middle name is Martin; both after their father's brothers.

Myrna said...

My middle name is Lois and I don't think it is for anyone which does sound odd. I never really got the full story on that. But I used my maiden name as my middle name at work and that has been what I've used for years. My daughter's middle name is Rachel and my son's middle name is Elliot.

Karen Sans said...

Fun post. My middle name is Ann after my mom and grandmother. My daughter's middle name is also Ann. I am a new follower from the Sunday Sync Blog Hop. I look forward to reading your posts.


Libby said...

My middle name is Blanche. For the life of me I kept wondering why would my parents give me a name like that because it sounded so "old". Plus people always said, "oh, it's like that woman off of Golden Girls." But "Blanche" is the first name of my dad's mom. She passed away when he was 16 and so my parents wanted me to have a name from the Bible and also my grandma's name. I appreciate her name more now that I've learned more about who she was, but still am thankful my parents made it my middle name. So officially I am Elisabeth Blanche. :-)

mail4rosey said...

LOL at Libby because my FIRST name is Rose and everyone always thought I was an old lady if I called on the phone because of my name. :)

Middle name Marie. ;)

Visiting today from Super Sunday Sync.

Dani said...

This is a fun post!! Ha ha my middle name is Danielle. My son's middle name is Knight.

Shoshanah said...

Mine is Ariel! I absolutely love my middle name, although part of that may have to do with the fact that The Little Mermaid came out when I was little, so I've always felt like I have a Disney Princess name. Ha!

Leslie @ Violet Imperfection said...

Mine is Anne. I was either going to be Jennifer Anne or Leslie Anne, when I was born there were three Jennifer's in the nursery so I was named Leslie.

Violet's is Jane after my grandmother,

Marc's is John.

Maddie~The Whimsy One said...

Mine is Madison-Rae. My first name is Amanda but I actually go by my middle. Can you tell I am Southern;) Haha

Mel@Mellywood's Mansion said...

My middle name is Kate because my Dad had a mathematical thing with how the syllables should sound. My eldest son was named after my grandfather and my dad's name is his middle name, then with the babies I went with Julian's dad's name as Max's middle name and Madeleine has both her grandmothers names as middle names. Jack and Elizabeth's are just random names I liked :)

Holly Higgins said...

I too love names :-) My middle name is Berrie because I was born in December. So, I'm named after the holly plant. I used to hate when I was younger, but now I think it was cute. My children are Ewan Alistair and Cecily Noelle. My husband and I had a deal - I love the name Ewan and he loves the name Cecily so our first boy would be Ewan and our first girl would be Cecily. My husband wanted Alexander as Ewan's middle name but I went to school with an Alex and I didn't care for him very much so we used Alistair instead, which is the Scottish form of Alexander. I was due in December with Ewan and we had chosen Cecily Noelle if he was a girl. When we found out we were having a girl the second time around, we tossed around several names, but we kept coming back to Cecily.

Alan said...

I feel left out, I don't have a middle name.

Shilo said...

Mine is Lee - or was anyway before I got married.

My children's middle names are Ryse, Mozelle, and Elliott.