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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Flashback Feature #21–The 1990’s–And a Giveaway!

I recently became friends with Annie, a fellow Kansan who blogs at Annie One Can Cook. Annie is so sweet and I’ve really enjoyed getting to know her since we virtually met. The one thing I did not realize about Annie is that on her birthday next week she will turn 23 years old – which means she was born in 1990. 1990! Do you know how old I was in 1990? Like, old. Okay, not that old. I was 11. I turned 12 that November. So, in honor of Annie’s birthday, this week’s Flashback Feature is all about the ‘90s. Don’t forget to read to the end for Annie’s birthday giveaway!!

My brother and me on our first day of camp in 1990.

In 1990 I graduated 6th grade. I finished elementary school and started jr. high. Beverly Hills, 90210 debuted. Madonna was controversial. Germany was reunified. Ryan White died of AIDS. Ice, Ice, Baby and Can’t Touch This were popular songs.

Disney World 1991

I was in 7th grade and 8th grade. I got braces and had my Bat Mitzvah. I was watching 21 Jump Street when George Bush announced that the USA was invading Iraq. Everything I Do and Black or White were popular songs. Blossom and Clarissa Explains It All debuted. The USSR collapsed.

Dressed for the 8th grade dance. I don’t know why my head was cut off!

I graduated 8th grade. Finished jr. high and started high school. There were riots in L.A. and Hurricane Andrew in Florida. Amy Fisher pled guilty. Melrose Place debuted. I Will Always Love You, End of the Road, and Smells Like Teen Spirit were popular songs.

This is the day I got my braces off. I also was just getting over a week of chicken pox. I was 14 years old.

The first World Trade Center bombing occurred. I’d Do Anything For Love and What’s Up? were popular songs. Boy Meets World debuted. Lorena Bobbitt was on trial. Israel and the PLO signed a peace accord.

Sophomore year – but I was going to the junior prom

OJ Simpson’s car chase interrupted game 5 of the NY Knicks vs the Houston Rockets – I was a huge Knicks fan at the time. Kurt Cobain killed himself. Streets of Philadelphia, Cotton Eye Joe, and All For Love were popular songs. A great year for TV – Friends, My So-Called Life, ER, and Party of 5 debuted. Nancy Kerrigan was attacked.

Junior Prom. I swear I looked better than I do in this picture.

The Oklahoma City Bombing occurred. Yitzhak Rabin was assassinated. I spent the summer in Israel. Jerry Garcia died. My brother had his Bar Mitzvah. I got my driver’s license. I saw REM in concert.

Senior prom.

I graduated high school and started college. I had Lyme Disease. The Olympics were in Atlanta and there was a bombing. TWA Flight 800 crashed. Wannabe and Killing Me Softly were popular songs.

This was taken on my 19th birthday, just days after Dave and I started officially dating.

Early in 1997 Dave and I met on our winter break in Israel. I worked at Borders Books that summer. I saw The Who, James Taylor, and The Beach Boys in concert. Princess Diana and Mother Theresa died. Titanic was huge in the theaters. I’ll Be Missing You and Candle in the Wind (Princess Diana version) were popular songs.

Please note I am wearing the same dress as in the 1995 picture.

Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky were big in the news. Matthew Shepherd was killed. My Heart Will Go On and I Don’t Want To Miss a Thing were popular songs. Dawson’s Creek debuted.

My 21st Birthday

I spent more than half of 1999 in Israel studying abroad. That may be why I have very little memory of Columbine happening that April. I started my senior year of college. Who Wants to Be a Millionaire was popular. We experienced Hurricane Floyd. Everyone was worried about Y2K.

Enough about me – on to the giveaway!

Kristine, Melanie, Christina, Dara, Stephanie, Dana, Tessa & Annie are ready to party like it's 1990--are you?!

Annie (Annie One Can Cook), Melanie (Van Wynsberg Nest), Stephanie (Never the Same Spice Twice), Dara (Not in Jersey), Dana (Lil Family Blog), Tessa (Tessacotton), Kristine (Heart Shaped Sweat) & Christina (Juggling Real Food and Real Life)

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Tamar SB said...

So great that you have all those pictures! I turned 2 in 1990, so I remember a fair share of all that!

Breenah said...

You are adorable! I think it's weird Blossom and Clarissa came out so early because I remember watching them as a kid and I was born in '89.

Breenah said...

Full House will always be my favorite show. You got it dude!

Leslie @ Violet Imperfection said...

Ahhh memories. I love all of your pictures. I really need to find and scan more of my childhood pictures.

I had a oh my, I am old moment this week. I realized the kids graduating high school this year started kindergarten when I was starting my first year of college. Yikes.

Oh I miss Blossom and Clarissa Explains It All.

Breanna said...

Oh gosh - so hard to pick! Boy Meets World, Full House, Step by Step, Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Clarissa Explains It All. Loved the 90's!

Sara Bell- The Traveling PhoBlogWriPher said...

Your dresses are my favorite! Oh, the 90s. Such an interesting decade clothing-wise. I rocked a whole lot of flannel and a whole lot of overalls. =]

This is such a nice giveaway!!

Jennifer said...

Looks like we are the same exact age! I graduated in 96 too!!

Jennifer said...

Looks like we are the same exact age! I graduated in 96 too!!

Jennifer said...

Looks like we are the same exact age! I graduated in 96 too!!

Annie One Can Cook! said...

Dara, you are so sweet!! Thank you so much for all of the nice things you said <3 And I absolutely LOVE the pictures!! You are so pretty (and I love the 90s fashions)!

Holly Higgins said...

Friends. Hands down. It is my favorite tv show of all time actually. TV has never been the same since it went off the air.

Thanks for the 90's flashback - and reminding me that I'm old just like you! :-)

Libby said...

Oooh, the 90s. How can I decide. I think I watched the most sitcoms during that span - Who's the Boss, Roseanne, Family Matters, the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Full House. I loved it all!

I enjoyed reading this post. And since we're so close in age, it really was a flashback. I may have to borrow this idea, but I'd have to get my scanner ready for all those film prints. lol

Ronni @ Anywhere Is said...

First of all HOW MUCH DO I LOVE THIS POST? Ahhh! This is SO COOL. I'd forgotten about all that stuff. And the pictures. :D

That dress you're wearing to junior prom looks a LOT like the dress I wore to a dance in 1997. I don't have a picture on me of it though. But wild!!

Thanks for sharing.

OH and my favorite show from the 90s?

I loved just about everything on TGIF and also on the Saturday night NBC lineup. And A Different World, The Cosby Show. I watched a lot of TV back then! I had something to watch every night! Heh. Not so much these days. :)