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Flashback Feature #20–Auto Show

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

On Sunday, we went to the Auto Show. We currently are leasing a Honda Odyssey and our lease is up soon, so we will either be buying or leasing a new van soon. We think we may go with the Town & Country this time. I’m curious – what kind of car do you drive?

Since today is Tuesday, I have to first share these old pictures at a previous Auto Show we attended for today’s Flashback Feature! They are from January 2009, when Zachary was 18 months and Gabbie was 3 1/2.


Honestly, Zachary does not look that much different now!

Dave says his next car will be a pick up truck.

I’ll always be driving a van, I’m sure! And no, I don’t know the woman looking through the passenger side window!

The kids liked the race cars too.

And the army trucks.

And old cars.

You can see Dave enjoyed it just as much as the kids.

There was a 10 passenger bus on display as well and Zachary thinks we’re going to buy it. I told him it would be perfect for picking up all his friends from school (we need a bus badly in our neighborhood!) and he believed me. It was the first thing he asked about when he woke up yesterday!

So, Town and Country or Party Bus?