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Window Pane Art

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Window Pane Art

For awhile now I’ve really liked the idea of crafting with old windows. I kept my eye out for windows discarded, but did not find any, until I was at my friend’s house while her windows were being replaced. I asked if I could have a window and the window man was not surprised at all and in fact knew all about crafting with old windows! (He’d even offered them to my friend but she thought he was crazy!) So I came home with 4 of them! Today I am sharing the project I made with the first of my windows.

This is the window before I added anything to it. Forgive the mess behind it!

I bought this pack of papers at Michaels. Any type of paper would work, but I wanted coordinating sheets and I really liked this kit! After I decided on an arrangement that I liked, I used Mod Podge to adhere the papers to the window.



I added one more thing to the top right pane:

And then got the window ready to hang. I used a kit made by Bulldog. It is supposed to hold up to 50 lbs which this definitely is not, so it better work, because this is where it’s going:

Right above the bed!

This is what the back looks like. It has a wire across the middle.

Gabbie helped me to hang it evenly in the middle of the two (ugly) light fixtures. Hope we did well!


I think it gives a lot to the look of our room. What do you think?

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