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Things I Learned From My Mom

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Today is my mom’s birthday and this post is in her honor! The following are things I learned from my mom.


  1. My mom was into weekly meal planning way before it became the thing to do. Every Sunday she would sit down and make a list of the meals for that week.
  2. She would also clip coupons and make a shopping list at the same time.
  3. Cooking was done ahead for whatever was needed.
  4. Recycling was a rule in our house!
  5. My mom used email for work long before any of us used email for personal reasons. We actually had a second line in our house for her work terminal. And this was in the ‘80s!
  6. Women can have a career and be a mom – my mom worked part time when we were young and full time when we were older as a Systems Analyst.
  7. If your kids enjoy something – do it again! We used to go to the beach in Wildwood NJ every summer and it was a great tradition we looked forward to.
  8. If your kids are active in something, get involved with them. I was active in my youth group in high school so my mom became the synagogue youth chairperson. My brother was in theater so my mom got involved in the parents’ group.
  9. Always eat dessert. But brush your teeth after!
  10. As soon as you can, move to Florida! My parents just moved to Florida last week – and we can’t wait to visit them there!


Happy Birthday Mommy!