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Spring is Right around the Corner–Guest Post

Thursday, February 21, 2013


The days are starting to get a little longer, and the snow and ice that help to make winter such a grim time of year is becoming less common. That means one thing: spring is coming, and the time to start thinking about getting outside again is now!

For the past few months, a lot of kids will have been indoors all the time, left with nothing to do but play video games and watch TV. Thankfully, as the weather’s a little better, they can get some much-needed fresh air and get out of those thick winter clothes.

A new start

If you’re stuck for ideas of what to do, you might want to head online for inspiration. A well-known children’s clothes brand called Polarn O. Pyret even went as far as sharing quite a few suggestions on what to do in the next few months as the weather improves, especially fun family activities. Their clothes are really made for any and all kids who want to get their hands dirty and try something new.



Something else the kids might enjoy doing (with your supervision, of course) is building a goal/hut/ all they need are a few planks of wood, a net and some nails/screws, plus all the right tools including a hammer. Building a birdhouse is another great activity to engage your kids in when teaching them about fauna, especially as they learn to do something active and help to feed the birds when they migrate back north! And if you have a few rug-rats on your hand, then the stilts will be a sure winner.

It’s good to see that some companies are taking a little bit of interest in trying to help the kids make the most of spring and actually trying to engage them with other things than sweets and toys, but rather speaking to their creative sides.

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