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School Updates

Monday, February 18, 2013

Recently in school, Gabbie’s 2nd grade class participated in the school science fair. While the older grades enter the science fair individually, the 2nd grade does it as a class. Gabbie was very proud to share her class’s exhibit about popcorn:


Although they entered the fair as a class, each child put together a paper for the science fair, most of which was the same for each student. Here is some of Gabbie’s paper:


It seems that the classroom was the best place to store the kernels!

Zachary’s Hebrew class finished their unit on Brachot – the Hebrew blessings on food. He brought home this folder which is actually a game – the types of food are able to be sorted into the corresponding envelopes according to the blessing used for that food:


Zachary’s bread sheet:


The class with their pyramid of Brachot:


Here is a sample of his Hebrew writing as well:


And these are the words to the Itsy Bitsy Spider in Hebrew, with a lovely colored spider web!


As for Simon, his teacher tells me he is talking bunches in class and participating nicely!

On the playground:


Here he is playing dress up. The class is preparing for Purim, which is in less than a week! We are preparing over here too and there will be a lot more on the blog this week about Purim, so stay tuned!


Strike a pose!