Not In Jersey: Flashback Feature #15–February 2010 Flashback Feature #15–February 2010 - Not In Jersey

Flashback Feature #15–February 2010

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Today’s [late in the day] Flashback Feature takes us back to 3 years ago. February 2010 was very very snowy! It started with a huge blizzard.


And then two weeks later we headed off to New Jersey for President’s Day Weekend. I was just past my first trimester pregnant with Simon and I had big plans to tell all of our family and friends in person!

002 (2)
Gabbie was 4 and Zachary was 2!

003 (2)004 (2)
Sun setting, small plane coming to get us.

But first we must eat our Subway. Back when we had kosher Subway.

Zachary sound asleep on the airplane. Simon wears those pajamas now!!

Cute family pictures.

Kids with a bunch of our friends where we used to live. Let’s see, I now have one more, the two in the middle have a little sister, the one on the right has a sister (I think the one shown is the middle sister) and a brother, and the friends who own the couch have a little girl!

Crazy kids with my parents.

Kids with Dave’s parents.


Celebrating a Bar Mitzvah (the older brother of the one we attended in November!)

Acting crazy at the mall!

When we travel to NJ we have to get together with everyone we can and we always have a great time doing the rounds! I just had to share these pictures – they make me smile. I hope they brought a smile to someone else too!