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Thursday, February 28, 2013

February Instagram Pictures

I love to wrap up the end of the month by sharing my photos from instagram / my iPhone because there are things on there from the every day, things I may not have mentioned previously, and just cute things to share! Looks like I have a lot of pictures this month – maybe I should share them more often!

1  23  4
1. 2. & 3. Simon and me taking pictures of ourselves. 4. How I find Simon on most days when it’s time to go pick up Zachary.

5  78  9
1. One warm day – Zachary at the park. 2. Zachary and Simon on top of the slide. 3. Simon on the playground. 4. Zachary pointed at this picture and said it was him when he used to be a dinosaur. OK.

10  1112  13
1. Simon at the pizza place. 2. Pre haircut. 3. Zachary climbing. 4. The kid in the closer car kept following and bothering Simon.

14  1516  17
1. Zachary likes pulling the zip line thing up to the top but he doesn’t go down it. 2. Simon climbing – that’s as far as he got. 3. Basketball game at school. 4. The kids cheering for the game.

18  1920  21
1. Simon trying on our Jake hat. 2. Gabbie getting her hair washed. 3. Gabbie after her haircut. 4. Simon crying about my clothes items being in “his” box.

22  2324  25
1. Simon at the zoo – we were eating lunch. 2. One of my smoothie concoctions. 3. All the MetLife Snoopys I found while going through the toys. 4. The moon seen from the gym parking lot.

26  27
29  30
1. Simon sitting at a table made from a box playing with his “laptop.” 2. A view from a Kansas road. 3. Zachary coveting the Lego fire station. 3. Simon studying the Lego Friends camper (which we already have at home!).

31  3233  34
1. Chips and 2. Fish made by our friend for dinner. 3. Simon ready for hat day.4. Matzah at Costco.

35  3637  38
1. 2. & 4. New knitting project for Violet. 3. Zachary fell asleep – he was sick from an ear infection.

39  4041  42
1. Gabbie dressed for Purim. 2. Zachary dressed for Purim. 3. & 4. Simon at a birthday party.

43  4445  46
1. Simon bouncing. 2. Simon at the Purim party. 3. & 4. Watching the magician at the Purim Party.

47  4849  50
1. The magic rabbit. 2. Rudy in the yard. 3. Garlic knots. 4. The kosher meat section at the new HyVee.

51  5352
1. My front yard. 2. View from the treadmill at the gym. 3. Sunset from the parking lot at the gym.

As always, you can find me on instagram under the name notinjersey! I apologize for the repeats for those that already follow me there!


Kera @ Nugget On A Budget said...

Even though I follow you, I like seeing all those photos again! I love the ones of your kiddies. That one of Simon sleeping in his crib is too cute.

Raising Reagan said...

How sweet ... and I'm with Kera! I love the sunset at the end! That's amazing!

(¸¤ Lanaya | xoxo

Annie One Can Cook! said...

Dara, your kids are adorable!! Loved all the pictures and now I'm craving garlic bread because of the picture you posted of the garlic knots.. :)

Breenah said...

What is that amazing place with the bounce houses and Little Tikes cars?

Leslie @ Violet Imperfection said...

I feel so special that the knitting project pics made it to the blog!

Tallia said...

awww this is such a cute collection of photos!

VFoley said...

sunset is a beautiful view. Awe, what a day!

your newest follower via Friday Chaos.