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February in Review

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Seeing that February is the shortest month, you’d think it would also be the fastest. Not here. With all of our snow, it seemed to last forever. Here are some of February’s highlights:

Family Activities:

  • We went to the City Market.

DSCN1988  DSCN1989DSCN1992  DSCN1993

DSCN2109  DSCN2118DSCN2119  DSCN2121

  • We took a day trip to the Topeka Zoo

DSCN2159  DSCN2163DSCN2170  DSCN2187

Around The House:


March is looking to be a very busy month with Dave traveling and Passover. Gabbie is home from school again today because she is sick. I truly hope whatever she has doesn’t spread from her to everyone else. I also hope that spring arrives soon!